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Bliss Pet Services is the company of the Bliss Corporation group specializing in the International transport of pets.

The BLISS Corporation group was born with the aim of helping families (including their pets) to move and relocate from one country to another around the world, eliminating the typical stress of “change”, minimizing the possibility of damage to their goods and offering maximum comfort, while accompanying the whole family, including four-legged friends, with great care and attention to settle in the new house and into the new country.

Bliss Pet Services  has become the reference point in Italy and in the world for our sector: we have carefully selected partners all over the world, we are Members of the International Association IPATA and we are the only company in the sector with a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. Our staff is highly specialized and has obtained the IATA LAR (Live Animals Regulations) certification. The President and CEO of the company Francesco Argirò is himself an active member of the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).


Establish ourselves as the number one brand in Italy in the Domestic Animal Shipping sector, reuniting small animal friends with their families in their new home, anywhere in the world, through a unique experience of its kind.

> 5 reasons for choose Bliss <

1) Career Path:

“There are two things that never come back: a shot arrow and a missed opportunity” Arabian proverb.

We offer the opportunity to grow in our organization. Involvement, attention, support and care in the introduction to the company together with constant training.

It doesn’t matter what your role in BLISS is, you can always make a difference and express your talent.
With talent, passion and commitment… no career opportunities are precluded! You are important. We will be important together.

2) Values:

Values are the link between how we see the world and how we behave. They are what we give the most importance to, to whom we dedicate our time, energy, and resources. They are guides of behavior, not abstract concepts.

We have identified ten of them. They are how we see the world, how we see BLISS. How we behave every day.

Passion, attention, listening, competence, reliability, experience, ethics, excellence, innovation, respect for the environment.

bliss pet team

Blissful Day 2016 – Rifugio San Francesco

3) Work Environment

“Nobody can whistle a symphony. It takes an entire orchestra to reproduce it” H.E. Luccock

We build the work environment together through listening and attention. The environment is made by people, we try to select them in the best possible way to create the ideal orchestra in which nothing is missing to play the perfect symphony …

… and then, for example, what could be better during the working year than participating in a BLISSFUL day?

4) Dynamic Reality and Continuous Innovation

“The water of a river adapts to the possible path, without forgetting its goal: the sea” Paulo Coelho

We live in a world in constant evolution and change that requires dynamism, creativity, and the ability to make decisions and solve problems.

They define us as young and ambitious, we prefer to be considered as visionaries and masters of our business.

5) Pursuit of Excellence

“Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude” Ralph Marston

It is difficult to define excellence if it is not related to something or someone.

We do not feel excellent, we are not looking for excellent figures, we are looking for visionaries of excellence.

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