IATA Compliant Pet Crate

The IATA compliant pet crate is a container which is different from the usual carrier for dogs and cats. It must comply with the international regulations for air travel so as to allow your pet to have the highest level of comfort and safety. The crate’s main characteristics are the following:

  • The presence of air grids on all four sides in order to ensure an ample ventilation; your pet should not be able to get through the grids with its nose and legs;

  • Food and water bowls to be accessed from outside of the crate, and adequate absorbent pads on the crate floor;

  • Metal grid door with secure lock;

  • Specific holes for the passage of a security seal, in order to prevent accidental openings during the journey;

  • The use of wheeled pet crates is forbidden;

  • The dimension of the pet crate should be suitable for the size of the animal, in which it should be able to turn around while standing, stand up with upright legs and sit down, and lie down in a natural position.

In order to assess correctly the right size of the pet crate, reference must be made to 4 measures.

A – Length of the animal from its nose to the tail end

B – Length of the front legs from the bottom to the elbow

C – Width of the shoulders

D – Height of the animal in an erect position and with a stretched neck, from the ground to above its head (and where appropriate, to the point of its ears). Inside, the crate must be at least 7 cm higher with respect to measures D. If the size of the crate does not comply with the international regulations, the animal will not be embarked. This is why it is very important to measure accurately your pet and choose properly the correct size of the crate.


Bliss Pet Services has the right solution for you and your furry friend!

If you want to know the terms and prices for the transport of animals outside the Italian territory, all you have to do is fill in accurately all the fields of the attached form of request. The quotation is absolutely free and not-binding.

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