Transporting dogs to America – All the procedures that you need to know

If you are a mommy or daddy who is searching for information on how to ship a dog to the United States of America, well you are in the right place! This article will help you easily understand the procedures you must follow for the shipment of your dog to the United States of America. 

Transporting dogs to the United States of America – Essential requirements

Here are some good news for you. Compared to other shipments of dogs by plane (as, for example, to Australia or England)  shipping a dog to the United States of America is much easier. There are, however, some essential requirements to be complied with. For example, it is absolutely necessary to have a:

1. Microchip

As mentioned also in the site of the Italian State Police, the insertion of a subcutaneous microchip has become mandatory as of 1st January 2005 for all dogs and cats born after that date. The main reason for such obligation is the recognition of the pet.

 2. Anti-rabies

Another mandatory condition connected with the shipment of a dog to America is that it has to be vaccinated for anti-rabies.

3. Good health certificate

The last mandatory condition for your pet’s plane trip is a good health certificate. This certificate is usually issued by the Government Vet (ASL Veterinaria) – in two languages (Italian and English) for trips abroad – after a thorough visit during which the veterinarian certifies its good health.

Carrying one’s dog to America – Check-in baggage or specialProcedure per trasportare cane in America cargo?

Towards the USA, pets can travel either as check-in baggage or as Special Cargo.

As already mentioned in a previous article on traveling with animals by air, your dog can travel either as check-in baggage or as Special Cargo.

As regards flights allowing pets to travel as check-in baggage, the movement of the pet takes place in the airport’s air terminal, where a representative of the airline company will take care of your pet’s movement inside the plane. As regards this type of shipment, it is not possible to be updated on your dog’s shipment because no tracking code is associated with it.

Instead, for Special Cargo flights, the shipment takes place on scheduled flights, inside a pressurized, ventilated and air-conditioned hold, the travel conditions of which are the same as those of passenger cabins. Meaning that pets will face an actual true air trip and will benefit from first-class conditions for the entire flight.

Shipping dogs to America – Rely on the specialists!

How can I carry my dog to the United States of America? 

Now you will surely be able to answer this question.

Nonetheless, the organization of this kind of journey is not at all simple.

How and where can I get the necessary travel documents?

What type of shipment should I choose?

These are just a few of the questions that a customer will face before shipping his/her furry friend.

We at Bliss Pet Services are specialized in Special Cargo flights, which are exclusively planned to guarantee the well-being of your pet during its trip to the USA.

Many American airports are easily reachable while others can be reached only by internal flights that BLISS can book thanks to a network of specialized and qualified agents committed to receiving pets at their arrival in the main airports and organizing their internal transportation up to their final destination.

Don’t wait any longer, choose the specialists! Ask for a free non-binding quotation and rely on the experts of the international shipment of pets.

PS: You want more information on your pet’s shipment by plane? Download our guide for a correct preparation of your pet prior to departure and for other useful advices!

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