Shipment of pets to the U.S.A.

Shipment of dogs to the United States of America: general guidelines

The United States of America is one of the destinations for which we receive the greatest number of shipping requests.

If you, too, have to move to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington, Atlanta, Seattle or any other US city, you surely must be thinking of how to organize the shipment of your animal friend. How should you proceed? Simple… you just have to choose the specialist! The first thing to do is to contact a professional who is very well familiar with the shipping procedures and, therefore, knows how to handle the transfer of live animals worldwide and related customs regulations and takes care of its movements, from one part of the world to the other, with the same care and attention that you would have!

The transportation of pets from Italy to the U.S.A. is quite complicated and demanding; whether it is a temporary or a definitive transfer, it is necessary to comply with several customs rules and produce certain documents.

>Specialized services for the shipment of animals, efficient planning and customs formalities <

Unlike generic freight forwarders, who propose their potential clients services covering only the shipment of the animal (which often consists in the service from airport to airport) and have a very general cargo specialization (they handle all types of shipments: spare parts, import/export of perishable goods, pharmaceutical goods, etc.), BLISS Pets focuses its attention mainly on  international door-to-door pet relocation services to the USA, and on the importance of communication throughout the shipping process phases, by planning carefully and offering specific protection services, which are necessary for this very delicate operation.

What this means is that the client may rely on our complete assistance, which is fully reliable and guarantees high quality results. With BLISS Pets you are not just shipping your animal friend, but you are ensuring it a VIP, 5 star journey, with all the guarantees!

Besides the supply of a pet kennel in accordance with the IATA standards, we also offer services, by special vans,  such as withdrawal, domicile delivery and check-in at the airport,  as well as full assistance with all bureaucratic customs formalities required for the transportation of animals to the United States.

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> Reviews and testimonials <

2016 brought about a lot of unexpected changes for me. While living in Italy, I never imagined in my entire life that I would move back to California, or that it would be possible to bring my dog with me.
However, when it became necessary to make the move, I had to push all my fear of putting Eta on a plane aside and find the best, most safe and stress-free way to get her to California with me – leaving her was not an option! I found some companies that offered similar services to BLISS, but they stood out to me due to their clear in-depth experience and immediate friendliness when I got in touch.
I had to move my entire life across the world, and BLISS truly saved me by handling all of the complicated, time-consuming aspects of relocating a pet, including ensuring I had all of my necessary paperwork, arranging flights, and building a custom crate for my very large dog. The entire process was so smooth from start to finish, I still can’t believe that it happened.
Eta arrived in San Francisco with a smile on her face, and immediately adjusted to her new home. I am certain that without the help of BLISS in ensuring I could stay so calm, my wonderful dog would not have felt so at ease. Eta will always be a Roman dog at heart, but she really seems to be loving San Francisco! Thank you Bliss, especially Federica, for making the process of moving the most important thing in my life across the world so easy!
I am in awe at home quickly Eta has adjusted – I think she is doing better than me at leaving Rome 🙂

I discovered that my two dogs could not travel with me and my family on my military orders 4 days prior to receiving my itinerary for an International flight from Naples, Itali to San  Diego, California.

Fortunately, I had already received an active quotes 4 weeks prior to this devastating news. Upon my notification of this issue to Ms. Federica Paniccia she promptly coordinated an international flight for my pets within 4 hours. I could not belive it 4 hours! Additionally, since i was having trouble finding an ASL Vet in Naples, she coordinated an appointment for me to see an ASL Vet in Rome, Italy.

This effort afforded me, hassie-free, “front of the line” services and Iwas able to complete all the required Italian Health Certificate requirements in a short period of time prior to the flight of my pets. Federica did an outstanding job in caring for me and my pet travel needs. She was very meticulous with ensuring that i met all requirements. In my case she emphasized the vaccination requirements for London, England that required a tapeworm vaccination with a very small window of effectiveness. Federica was highly professional in every step of the way.

She was also very sensitive to my needs and understood the stress that both myself and family had to undergo for international travel that included providing me daily updates on my pet’s travel. I highly recommend the use of Bliss Pets for your travel needs. I intend to use Bliss Pets in the future! Thank you, Federica!

Carrillo Raul

Cinnamon and Buddy

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