Transport of animals within Europe

The transport of animals within Europe is regulated by various laws, which we must all be familiar and comply with in order to introduce dogs, cats or any other type of animal in one of the European Union countries.

The transfer of a pet for the person moving to another country is a cause of anxiety.  His/her main concern is the fact that his/her pet, whether big or small, has to travel for many hours inside a closed and unfamiliar place like the hold of an aircraft. In addition to this, if we consider the many bureaucratic formalities to be carried out, often varying from one country to another, things become even more difficult.

Bliss Pet Services, being well aware of animals’ needs and those of their respective owners, carries out, with high expertise, of the entire animal transport procedure within the UE countries. We provide consultancy and assistance on all the necessary customs formalities and documentation required for the transfer; at the client’s request, we provide services such as the compilation and preparation of the documentation required by the destination country.

As for the transportation of animals in Europe,  Bliss Pet Services also has a very efficient and qualified team. Our personnel are motivated by their love and respect for animals and undertake, on a daily basis, to guarantee the well-being, comfort and safety of the four-legged passengers.

Bliss Pets’ presence and success in Europe is the proof of the competence and efficiency of the services offered to our clients.

Transport of pets to the United Kingdom: Shipping procedures

England is one of the European countries which attracts most of our clients. Many companies need to transfer many of their young and less young managers who are willing to move temporarily or permanently to the UK, where they may have better professional opportunities……
Whether you have decided to move for professional reasons or simply for a new life experience, if you think your future is in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh and you want to take your animal friend with you, you must know that the international shipment of pets from Italy to the United Kingdom requires a great organizational commitment.

Shipping animals is not simple and it is not easy to find the right Shipping Partner for this type of delicate operation. If you are reading this, you have made the right choice. Please listen carefully to what we have to tell you!

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You will find many companies offering similar services, leaving you to face the problem of which shipping partner to choose. The selected organization will play a key role, as it will work closely with the family during this very fragile phase of  the pet’s life, namely the change.

This change includes, moreover, a small but HUGE particular: the transfer of your best friend. While human beings have the ability to communicate with each other and make themselves understood, a high degree of competence and specialization is required for dealing with animals. A normal freight forwarder is surely able to send a parcel from point A to point B without any problem, but in this case, the parcel is alive and it is important to understand exactly and rapidly what has to be done during all the moving procedures.

Change is itself a synonym for stress, as it is normally associated with uncertainty and fear of the unknown, as opposed to a familiar and stable situation.

For the transportation of Animals from Italy to England, our organizational structure has at its disposal a staff made up of Pet Travel Specialists (Personal Traveling consultants), Veterinaries, Drivers specialized in the handling of Animals, Customs Brokers, primary Airline Companies and 5 Star Pet Hotels. Bliss Pet Services operates with extreme care and attention, according to an agreed timetable, so as to guarantee the full satisfaction and total safety and comfort of your beloved friend.

We have personally visited the ARC (Animal Reception Center) at London Heathrow Airport, as well as that in Edinburgh. We are perfectly familiar with the procedures for bringing animals in the UK. We are in contact daily with the competent British Government offices and we can get into contact, at all times, with our British colleagues, thus putting us in the position of having privileged channels for the immediate solution of any problem which may arise during the shipping procedure.

Our promise is to enable you to have a service strongly aimed at what your animal friend really needs, namely a professional specialized in the handling of its movements, from one part of the world to the other, with the same care and attention that you would have.

> The purchase of a Bliss service would allow you to obtain the following benefits <

  • Establish an immediate contact with one of our consultants/specialists who is in a position to answer your questions and clear your doubts;
  • Have at your disposal a specialist who can carry out a survey at your residence in order to get acquainted, in advance, with your pet and understand its habits and personality;
  • Have a clear idea of the methods of delivery and the timing of your move (BLISS Pet Smart Planning);
  • Have access to the sensational BLISS Protection Plan;
  • Have access to the exclusive web platform BLISS World Gateway;
  • Have a Pet Travel Specialist assigned to you personally, who will follow you from the very beginning to the end of the whole shipping procedure;
  • Having at your disposal a specialist who can effect a survey at your residence in order to know in advance your four-legged pet friend and understand his habits and personality.


> Testimonials<

Moving a pet dog internationally is so stressful, anyone would want to work with a company who will reassure you that your pet will be traveling safely to their new destination. Before I found Bliss Pet Services, I would wake up in the middle of the night with so many worrying questions. Bliss Pet Services made the process straightforward from the moment we engaged to obtain a quote. Upon each and every contact the agents we dealt with (Alessandra Colaiori) were completely knowledgeable and professionals across all of our requirements. They were proactive in obtaining all the information we needed. They were clear and concise in outlining all of our different options and tailored their services to our specific requirements.

Federica Paniccia kept us informed at each stage of how things were progressing – without us having to chase – and when we had difficulties at the other end (unable to make contact with the vet in Sicily) Federica made sure all the relevant medical and documentation processes were met to guarantee a smooth journey for our Buddy.   She is a credit to Bliss Pet Services.   Alessandra Colaiori and Federica Paniccia and all the staff involved in Buddy’s journey have been truly amazing. We had an outstanding service from start to finish. Buddy travelled from Sicily to Rome, he stayed overnight and travelled the next morning from Rome to London Heathrow We highly recommend Bliss Pet Services to anybody moving their furry friends around the globe. Buddy in the middle with he’s new family Teddy and Rocky.

Buddy from Sicily to London - Smith Angela<br />

In September I went to my sister’s wedding in a beautiful vineyard near Florence called Cinciano. On our last night there an undernourished badly injured cat walked past me.
I managed to find him a local vet who helped nurse him back to health and I found him a home in England. I named him Cinciano.
At this point, I needed to get him to the UK – and so the introduction to Bliss Pets. From the first phone call, Bliss was friendly, helpful and reassuring. Over the next few weeks, they patiently guided me through the process of getting Cinciano back to the UK.
Bliss gave such a professional service, answering all my questions promptly and with a positive attitude. They had incredible attention to detail and a very personal approach sending me photos and videos of Cinciano throughout his journey. They made me feel like I was their only client.
Cinciano is now safely back in the UK thanks to Bliss. I cannot thank them enough, and I know if Cinciano could talk he would say thank you also.
Cinciano from Siena to London

Emanuele Palladino

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