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Transportation of pets to the Arab Emirates? Every day, more and more Daddies and Mommies ask for information on this destination.

If you are also one of them, you are probably looking for someone who can assist you in the best possible way. Well, you’re in the right place. It must really be frustrating to have to leave behind your best friend – a piece of your heart – with whom you shared joys, emotions, smiles and many experiences. Besides being your inseparable friend, your pet is also a member of your family.

I would like to immediately reassure you about this:  there is a solution for making your pet travel to the United Arab Emirates, the solution consists in choosing the specialist.

Continue reading, we’ll explain what we are talking about …

The international transportation of pets to the Arab Emirates implies quite a complex and delicate journey. Regardless of whether it is a temporary journey or a definitive relocation, there are many customs, veterinary and logistic procedures that have to be complied with.

This is why the choice of improvised generic couriers, forwarders or moving companies does not represent the ideal solution for your four-legged friend’s journey. Indeed, these realities handle only your pet’s transfer from one point to another, without considering a whole series of factors:

  • Specialization in management of a pet’s journey abroad;
  • Processing the bureaucratic procedures;
  • Provision of veterinary certificates;
  • Assisting pets before and after the journey;
  • Constant contact with the client throughout the pet’s journey;
  • Contacts with boarding facilities for pets, quarantine, etc.;
  • The supply of compliant pet carriers for the  journey;
  • And, above all, love and care for pets that have to travel.
trasporto animali emirati arabi

Think carefully, your pet cannot be treated like any kind of goods, but needs someone who puts his professionality, know-how and love at the service of your furry friend, just as you would… this someone is Bliss Pet Services.

BLISS Pets focuses its attention on the entire International Transfer procedure, from door to door, of pets going to the United Arab Emirates, as well as on the importance of a careful planning and is constantly in contact with the client throughout all the phases of the transfer.

For the client this means being able to count on an assistance from the beginning to the end, which is reliable and safe and guarantees first-level results. With BLISS Pets you are not just shipping your furry friend, but you are giving him the possibility to live a journey as a VIP, ensuring him/her care, safety, comfort, no stress, protection and respect.

As a guarantee of the professionality and quality of the work performance, Bliss Pets has a capillary presence in Europe with 5 offices (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain).

This is the only company in the sector of international transfer of animals with an ISO9001 certificate, and whose Managing Director is IPATA’s future president-in-office, the world association that embodies all the professionals in the international transportation of pets and animals. Moreover, on our internet site and our Facebook page, you may find many clients who are enthusiastic and happy with the work carried out by us for their Pets.

By choosing Bliss Pets, Animal transportation to the United Arab Emirates will not be a problem!

Are you and your furry friend moving to the Arab Emirates?

 Request a quote: animal transportation to the Arab Emirates

Transportation of cats and dogs to Abu Dhabitrasporto animali abu dhabi

We can assist our clients in the transportation of pets to Abu Dhabi. The transfer procedure will begin with the comprehension of the travel needs of the pet’s journey, after which an ad hoc travel plan will be made especially for him/her, besides obtaining the veterinary certificates and fulfilling the bureaucratic procedures. The transportation of dogs to Abu Dhabi (or of other animals) is guaranteed by the high air travel standards of the Special Cargo flights, and by the network of international agents who will collect your pet at the destination airport and, upon request, deliver him/her home.

Contact us at the 800 974 231 to receive more information on the transportation of Pets to Abu Dhabi!

Transportation of cats and dogs to Dubaitrasporto animali dubai

You need to take your dog (or another pet) to Dubai … what to do? Even for this destination, our team can help you organize a perfect journey, avoiding all sources of stress for your furry friend. We will guarantee your pet a safe and peaceful journey, a five-star deluxe journey! How is it possible? Thanks to a staff, who has been perfectly trained to carry out this type of very special service, a network of international agents that can guarantee an impeccable destination service and other ad hoc services for the needs of your pet, such as boarding facilities, the supply of a compliant pet carrier, and much more.

Contact us now at the 800 974 231 to receive more information on the transportation of pets to Dubai!

What are you waiting for? Give a first-class travel experience to your best friend… You can rely on us!

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