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Transportation of cats by plane, find out how your furry friend should travel

If you have decided to move abroad and would like to fly together with your cat, certainly you will be interested in a solution for the transportation of your cat by plane. This article contains the details on the organization of your pet’s journey.

Transportation of cats by plane as carry-on luggage or special Trasporto gattocargo?

The first important distinction to be made in the transportation of cats is whether it will fly as carry-on luggage or as special cargo? Which of these two options will you choose for the journey of your furry friend?

Transportation of cats as carry-on luggage

If you want your cat to travel with you on the same plane, it can do so mainly as carry-on luggage inside the cabin or in the hold of the plane. In the first case, the number of pets admitted is really low and varies from one airline company to another. Pets may travel together with their parents only if they satisfy some of the following criteria: weight, height, etc. In the second case, however, the pet will travel inside the plane’s hold – as carry-on luggage – because:

  • There are no more places available inside the cabin;
  • It does not meet the airline requirements (height, weight, etc.) for traveling inside the cabin.

Whether it travels inside the cabin or the hold, the pet is embarked in the terminal area of the airport, meaning that there is no specific dedicated area for its embarkation.

Transportation of cats as special cargo

As special cargo, pets fly on passenger flights, BUT, unlike the above-mentioned cases, they have an area specifically dedicated to them.

They are provided with a dedicated embarkation procedure, a ventilated, air-conditioned and pressurized cabin, and a “tracking code” for their shipment so that one may be able to know at any moment where they are.

What is required for the shipment of cats by plane?

Documents for the transportation of cats by plane

The documents required for the shipment of cats by plane vary from one country to another. Each country may require different documents, certificates, and information. The best way to know them is to contact directly an international animal transportation specialist such as Bliss Pet Services, who will assist you during all the phases of the transport.

 Airline pet travel-crates for cats

Your pet’s air journey will take place inside a IATA compliant pet crate. This “travel companion” is the best solution to make your pet travel extremely safe throughout the entire shipment.
You can find more information on the page dedicated to airline pet travel-crates for cats.

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