Things to know about pet journey

Things to Know About Your Pet’s Journey

A lot of confusion is made when talking about animal transportation abroad. The daddies and mommies, understandably anxious for their loving pet’s air journey, search for information on the various services online. It is actually on the web, if one is not careful, that incorrect or misleading information on this topic may be found. Today, our aim is to unveil 4 things (that perhaps you don’t know) about your pet’s air journey!

For this reason this article contains, especially for you, a fantastic thorough video guide!

Can my pet travel with me on the plane?

Yes, if it is a direct flight. Please note that bookings for animals travelling as special cargo can be made only 15 days in advance. 

In any case, the best thing to do in order to organize and book a full service is to contact BLISS one or two months in advance (as specified in the FAQ).

BLISS advises its customers to always wait for the airline company’s confirmation.

As for indirect flights, a pet’s owner surely will not be able to follow his/her furry friend through the entire trip, since during the stop, your pet must be transferred to a dedicated transit area, where it can receive, as a practice, the proper sanitary and veterinary assistance. In a previous article, we have already explained how and when it is possible to travel together with your pet on a plane.

What are the travel conditions of my pet?

Your pet travels on passenger flights as [unaccompanied] “Live Animals – special cargo”. The pet carrier is embarked in a pressurized, ventilated and air-conditioned hold, inside of which the travel conditions are the same as those for passengers in cabins. The hold is an extremely safe place as it is built in such a way as to guarantee the best travel conditions and it also contains an area dedicated completely to our four-legged friends. It is therefore important to underline that animals traveling as “Special Cargo” do not travel together with luggage and/or general goods.

Can my pet’s air journey be traced?Dog with his Kennel

If you choose Bliss Pet Services, you will be able to access Bliss World Gateway, an exclusive and dedicated web portal where you will be able to find all the information on your pet’s journey, including details on his flight and relevant online tracking system. Moreover, your dedicated Pet Travel Specialist will keep you constantly updated on your pet’s transit, by providing you with information and, where possible, by sending you its pictures.

For my pet’s air journey, can I use a pet carrier that I already have?

For air journeys, dogs, cats or other animals must travel inside IATA compliant carriers. Your dedicated Pet Travel Specialist will supply you with all the useful information so that you may be able to verify if your carrier is actually suitable for your little friend’s journey. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the departure, we at Bliss Pet Services prefer providing directly our customers with the carrier and, more importantly, advise them to get the carrier some time before the departure so that your pet may become familiar with it. Upon request, BLISS can ship the pet carrier to your home by express courier! For more information on the IATA compliant carrier or on how to measure your pet before its departure, visit our dedicated page.

Is my pet going to be sedated before the journey?

Sedatives shall not be used on animals to be transported unless strictly necessary, so as to ensure the welfare of the animal. It has been scientifically proven that the administration of sedatives on animals may be harmful during the flight. A sedated animal may suffer heartbeats and/or blood pressure alterations. Moreover, you must know that neither Bliss Pets nor airline companies take responsibility for sedated animals.

Advices for the shipment of animals by air – Conclusion

I hope that the above advices are useful for a worry-free and better-organized journey of your little furry friend. In these cases, relying on an international shipping company is fundamental in order to:

  • Avoid any danger during the shipment;
  • Save time;
  • Offer utmost care to animals during the journey.

If you still have any doubts and/or want more information on your pet’s air journey, please visit our FAQ section by clicking the button here below! 🙂

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