Bliss Pet Services: Testimonials and Reviews

Buddy from Sicily to London - Smith Angela

Moving a pet dog internationally is so stressful, anyone would want to work with a company who will reassure you that your pet will be traveling safely to their new destination. Before I found Bliss Pet Services, I would wake up in the middle of the night with so many worrying questions. Bliss Pet Services made the process straightforward from the moment we engaged to obtain a quote. Upon each and every contact the agents we dealt with (Alessandra Colaiori) were completely knowledgeable and professionals across all of our requirements. They were proactive in obtaining all the information we needed. They were clear and concise in outlining all of our different options and tailored their services to our specific requirements. Federica Paniccia kept us informed at each stage of how things were progressing - without us having to chase - and when we had difficulties at the other end (unable to make contact with the vet in Sicily) Federica made sure all the relevant medical and documentation processes were met to guarantee a smooth journey for our Buddy.   She is a credit to Bliss Pet Services.   Alessandra Colaiori and Federica Paniccia and all the staff involved in Buddy’s journey have been truly amazing. We had an outstanding service from start to finish. Buddy travelled from Sicily to Rome, he stayed overnight and travelled the next morning from Rome to London Heathrow We highly recommend Bliss Pet Services to anybody moving their furry friends around the globe. Buddy in the middle with he’s new family Teddy and Rocky.

Cinciano from Siena to London- Emanuele Palladino

In September I went to my sister's wedding in a beautiful vineyard near Florence called Cinciano. On our last night there an undernourished badly injured cat walked past me.
I managed to find him a local vet who helped nurse him back to health and I found him a home in England. I named him Cinciano.
At this point, I needed to get him to the UK - and so the introduction to Bliss Pets. From the first phone call, Bliss was friendly, helpful and reassuring. Over the next few weeks, they patiently guided me through the process of getting Cinciano back to the UK.
Bliss gave such a professional service, answering all my questions promptly and with a positive attitude. They had incredible attention to detail and a very personal approach sending me photos and videos of Cinciano throughout his journey. They made me feel like I was their only client.
Cinciano is now safely back in the UK thanks to Bliss. I cannot thank them enough, and I know if Cinciano could talk he would say thank you also.

Triniti and Leha from Portugal to USA - Bliss Pets Portugal

I am thankful to Bliss Pets for helping me bringing my cats from Portugal to the USA.
Because I could not leave the country to go get my cats, I wanted to hire a company and I was confident that would treat my cats with respect and attention. I hired Bliss Pets because they seemed a company that cared for the well being of animals during the course of the journey.
I could follow their journey, and when they did the layover there was someone from the company to give me news of their condition.
They took longer at customs to be released because for some reason Customs couldn´t find some of the documents. I trusted Bliss Pet to resolve the situation because I knew that everything was in order. When they were released I meet them, and they were fine and missing us.
The next day it was as if nothing had happened, they were happy healthy cats.

Eta from Rome to San Francisco

2016 brought about a lot of unexpected changes for me. While living in Italy, I never imagined in my entire life that I would move back to California, or that it would be possible to bring my dog with me. However, when it became necessary to make the move, I had to push all my fear of putting Eta on a plane aside and find the best, most safe and stress-free way to get her to California with me - leaving her was not an option! I found some companies that offered similar services to BLISS, but they stood out to me due to their clear in-depth experience and immediate friendliness when I got in touch. I had to move my entire life across the world, and BLISS truly saved me by handling all of the complicated, time-consuming aspects of relocating a pet, including ensuring I had all of my necessary paperwork, arranging flights, and building a custom crate for my very large dog. The entire process was so smooth from start to finish, I still can't believe that it happened. Eta arrived in San Francisco with a smile on her face, and immediately adjusted to her new home. I am certain that without the help of BLISS in ensuring I could stay so calm, my wonderful dog would not have felt so at ease. Eta will always be a Roman dog at heart, but she really seems to be loving San Francisco! Thank you Bliss, especially Federica, for making the process of moving the most important thing in my life across the world so easy!
I am in awe at home quickly Eta has adjusted - I think she is doing better than me at leaving Rome :)

Sunny from Treviso to Denver - Mike and Rebecca Dennis

We all made it safely back to the states and are working on adjusting our schedules so this post is about a week overdue but I have to recommend to this group again!  We sent our puggle home in May using them and were very impressed.  Our Goldendoodle came home with us last Friday and again we are very impressed / happy with them!!!  Although we were unable to get on the same flight due to the size of Sunny's crate; Federica at was able to coordinate everything so we literally left within an hour of each other.
Sunny flew first class with a direct flight to Denver where FlyPets met her on this side of her journey.  There were two small hiccups that came up, one where she might have to fly on a different day because of the size of her crate and another regarding her transport service to Venice.  We were always kept in the loop with every detail and our input was always welcomed and taken into consideration - in the end both hiccups were quickly resolved to our satisfaction - we coined the term "Federica's Magic" because she handled every detail with getting Sunny safely back to the states.  We received e-mails and photos of Sunny's journey every step of the way.  And even received an e-mail from Federica minutes before our flight left telling us that Sunny has done well during her overnight stay at the Pet Lounge in Frankfurt and she was getting ready for her flight.  All of us being in the air at the same time was a little unnerving but Federica at and Jim with FlyPets handled everything.
Jim with FlyPets was at DIA when Sunny landed, he got her out of her crate to let her stretch her legs while he tidied up her crate.  She does not like her blankets folded and neat, she prefers them to be all balled up in a big mound, but all of her blankets were neatly folded.  She was delivered to my mom's house about an hour and 45 minutes after she landed....considering the hour drive time to my mom's house that means she was picked up and cleared customs in less than 45 minutes!!!!  AMAZING!!!!  We fully believe that every penny spent with is more than worth it when it comes to seeing them happy and healthy on the other side of their journey!
Although Sunny was very tired when she arrived in Denver she was happy and that is all that really matters!!!!
Thank you again to and especially Federica!  The work you do is wonderful and we feel we have made a true friend in Federica because she cared for both of our dogs as if they were her own.  We are looking forward to being reunited with Tucker next - our little family will all be together again.

Cinnamon and Buddy from Napoli to San Diego - Carrillo Raul

I discovered that my two dogs could not travel with me and my family on my military orders 4 days prior to receiving my itinerary for an International flight from Naples, Itali to San  Diego, California. Fortunately, I had already received an active quotes 4 weeks prior to this devastating news. Upon my notification of this issue to Ms. Federica Paniccia she promptly coordinated an international flight for my pets within 4 hours. I could not belive it 4 hours! Additionally, since i was having trouble finding an ASL Vet in Naples, she coordinated an appointment for me to see an ASL Vet in Rome, Italy. This effort afforded me, hassie-free, "front of the line" services and Iwas able to complete all the required Italian Health Certificate requirements in a short period of time prior to the flight of my pets. Federica did an outstanding job in caring for me and my pet travel needs. She was very meticulous with ensuring that i met all requirements. In my case she emphasized the vaccination requirements for London, England that required a tapeworm vaccination with a very small window of effectiveness. Federica was highly professional in every step of the way. She was also very sensitive to my needs and understood the stress that both myself and family had to undergo for international travel that included providing me daily updates on my pet's travel. I highly recommend the use of Bliss Pets for your travel needs. I intend to use Bliss Pets in the future! Thank you, Federica!

Tucker from Venezia to Portland - Rebecca Dennis

Buon giornio...I posted several weeks ago about getting our dog back to the states without us to beat the temperature embargo. Well he arrived safe and sound in Seattle yesterday! He is with my mother in law, settling in until we get there. Anyway we were SOOOOOOO HAPPY with the pet relocation service we used I thought I would pass the information along to this group. We used Pet Relocation, their website is simply Their offices are located in Rome but we did everything through e-mail. They are very responsive and patient to respond to questions or requests, fairly priced, and very professional. We wanted our dog to be able to stay with us as long as possible and to spend the least amount of time travelling, so he was booked on the very last flight leaving Venice to Frankfurt. And the very first flight leaving Frankfurt for Seattle the next morning. Originally they gave us a pick up time early in the morning, but since our dog's flight didn't leave till late that evening I requested a later pick up and they accommodated with no problem. Then because he was being picked up they adjusted the last time we were able to feed him. He was in our care right up until the driver came to get him to take him to Venice! The driver arrived on time for the pick up, he took his time meeting our dog and getting him comfortable with him. They took care of everything and triple checked all documentation before he traveled to avoid any issues along the way. They stayed in constant contact with us walking us through the entire process, step by step. Then while our dog was out of our care they were even more in touch with us. They let us know he arrived at the airport and that everything was ok.  And provided periodic updates along the way. Like yesterday morning I received a message telling me that his flight was due to leave Frankfurt in 1 hour and 20 minutes and that everything was still on schedule. We were provided all the contact information for the agent in Seattle and even online tracking - there were no secrets! Although were tracking him every step of the way we also had access to track him whenever we wanted for our own peace of mind. They even contacted us last night at midnight, Italy time, to check in to make sure he had safely arrived and that my mother in law had him.  Plus they are IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) certified, which was something that was very Important to us. Clearly I have only rave reviews for them. If you're looking for a reliable and professional pet relocation option we HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Also I should mention if Federica is the agent helping with your relocation you won't be disappointed - she was wonderful! Again thank you for your help!

Jack from Bergamo to Melbourne - Francesco Spagnolo & Rosie

My name is Rosie I am Jacks mum. Jack has settled into the Australian lifestyle and enjoys going to the beach, long runs at the local park and playing with his new canine friends. His flight to Australia was a little scary at first but he calmed down with the help of the professional staff. Since becoming a permanent Australian resident Jack has also found the love of his life, her name is Nina. They started a family last year, Jack and Nina had six beautiful border collie pups who are all doing well. Thank you Annamaria for making this fairytale possible. Jack would like to say "Thanks mate!"

Samson from Catania to Washington - Samantha Deroy & Ed Hartman

My husband and I were stationed at NAS Sigonella in Sicily for 3 years, both being members of the United States Navy.  During those three years my husband and I adopted a wonderful Cane Corso named Samson, who was already two years old and a very large 102 lbs.  We formed a wonderful forever friendship and he was truly a gift into our lives.  My husband ended up PCSing a year before me. Before I knew it, the year of separation from my husband was coming to an end, and I had to figure out how to get my very large boy to the United States.  We tried getting him out on a rotator out of the Naval Base, but it ended up being completely booked.  My time was running out, so I contacted Bliss.  From the very beginning they were cooperative and got me a flight set up from Catania, Sicily to Rome, Italy and from Rome, Italy to Washington Duelles Airport, where my husband would be there to receive him. They even built him a custom kennel that he would need for his size/breed in order to travel out of Rome.  Unfortunately the first scheduled travel day for him ended up being canceled due to unforeseen circumstances in Rome.  I started to panic about whether or not I would ever get him home.  I called Bliss and they simply moved the flight days for me, just like that.  I was so happy.  When the day came for the second travel attempt, I drove Samson to the Catania airport and was ready to send him off.  I ran into another problem though where Catania would not take him because of his temperament and the size of his kennel.  I explained to them that Rome had a larger kennel waiting for him, but they still wouldn't budge.  A crying wreck, I called my representative at Bliss, and she talked me through another scenario.  She booked him for a new flight out of Rome, and we decided I would drive Samson to Rome, utilizing the Ferry to get him to mainland Italy.  I was still nervous and worried, but Bliss really helped me through it and assured me that we would get Samson Home. I bought my Ferry ticket and that evening I started my adventure with Samson.  I was told to be at the Rome airport the next morning to meet with Bliss agent, who would have his kennel ready for me.   The next morning, I arrived with Samson, and sure enough the agent was there with his custom made kennel.  We loaded him up, signed the paperwork, and he was off.  I eagerly awaited confirmation that Samson was on the flight, and sure enough, 30 min later Samson was loaded on the plane and good to go.  I was so happy I cried.  I notified my husband that Samson was on his way to him, and I happily awaited confirmation of his arrival in the United States.  The rest is history.  Samson is now happily living in Maryland with me and my husband, enjoying his massive new yard!   We can't thank Bliss enough.  Every time hope seemed lost, Bliss was just a phone call away ready with a new plan.  Without them, we wouldn't have gotten our boy home with us.  They are truly a company I will continue to trust and promote to everyone.

Nemi from Rome to London - Ben George

Having moved to Monte Compatri for work, I was soon joined by Nemi, who was living outside. My work placement was extended from six weeks to about eight months, after which time we were inseparable. Having explored all of the options, I was very pleased to find that Bliss Pet Services could organize her flight to England and also a taxi to take her home. The process was so efficient that Nemi was exploring her new surroundings before I'd even got through customs at Stansted airport!