It’s summer and time for sun, beach, vacation …. yes, but what will I do with my 4-legged friend? Now, at this point, I need your attention for just a moment … If you are one of those people, so as to say, that abandon their dogs during the summer so that they are free to travel or, perhaps, leave them at some indecent dog-shelter, you must know that this is not the right place for you … If, instead, you are a loving and caring daddy or mommy, who is trying to understand how to take your pet with you somewhere abroad, well, then, you are in the right place and this article is dedicated to you!

As you may know, we at BlissPets help families to make their little friends travel by plane from one part of the world to another, assuring them a comfortable and, above all, safe journey! As vacation time is approaching, many people contact us to ask information on the shipment of their pet, and also want to know the timing and whether the journey may be risky due to the heat, etc. It is, therefore, our duty to publish an article which may give you some useful advice, once again, on the shipment of pets by plane during the summer months, hoping to be able to help mommy and daddy organize for the future a timely trip, by keeping in mind this aspect as well.

 Shipment of Animals – An early start!

The first advice I would like to give you is to start organizing your pet’s journey a certain time in advance, I mean at least 6 weeks prior to the shipment.  This rule, which usually applies for live animals cargo, is very important during the summer months because the airline companies tend to be overbooked.

As specified in the article dedicated to traveling with pets by plane on special cargo flights (i.e., that travel unaccompanied), in 99% of the cases they also travel on passenger flights, inside a pressurized, ventilated and air-conditioned hold. Your pet will have an embarkation area dedicated exclusively to it, and the travel conditions are practically identical to those of passengers in cabins. In addition, they are assigned a unique tracking code so that it will be possible to be updated on their travel status.

 Summer travel with pets – The game is always worth the candle?

Another factor to keep in mind is the economic one. One ought to carefully assess, based on the length of the vacation, whether it is worthwhile making your pet travel back and forth. Let me explain myself better, a vacation that lasts only a few days may not be the right choice if your pet has to travel by plane. This is true for two main reasons:

  • Stress;
  • Major costs.

Despite the maximum care and attention put in the organization of your best friend’s journey, two trips made one right after the other could cause high levels of stress; then, this condition combined with the summer heat may represent a risk for your pet’s health. Moreover, just consider what costs two close trips may generate.

 Some races may have problems traveling during the summerAnimale che corre in estate months

Some types of animals, compared to others, are less used to facing the summer.  The races that suffer more are the branchicefal ones (for example,  dogs), meaning those having a snout that tends to be flat. Classical examples are dogs such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs, etc. It may be troublesome for these dogs to face a trip during the summer because they could have breathing problems!

 Try to avoid the warmest hours of the day

The arrival of the summer and the exposure of your best friend to the sun during the warmest hours of the day, may cause it to have heat strokes!

The main symptoms of a heat stroke may be summarized as follows: difficulty breathing, vomit, high body temperature, and in the end a breathing crisis. These symptoms may be easily eliminated by organizing the flight in the cooler hours of the day, so as to render your pet’s journey a pleasant one!

 Shipping animals by plane in the summer – Don’t give up, choose BlissPets!

One thing is certain, your pet can travel during the summer; all you have to do is rely on a company that knows how to assist and advise you and, most of all, simplify the procedures of the journey. Bliss Pet Services has been doing this for many years, helping families and their loving best friends.

What are you waiting for? Ask now for a free quotation at the dedicated page. We will be happy to guide and support you!



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