Transportation of Pets from Italy to Canada through Bliss Pets

If you are reading this article it’s certainly because you are curious and desiring to know how you can transport your pet to Canada. You are probably moving there for work-related reasons, or because you chose to start a new life there and you are thinking about a solution also
Transportation of Pets from Italy to Canada

If you are reading this article it’s certainly because you are curious and desiring to know how you can transport your pet to Canada. You are probably moving there for work-related reasons, or because you chose to start a new life there and you are thinking about a solution also for the journey of your inseparable furry friend.

Your search online surely made you realize that most of the results are represented by generic shippers or land transporters, who, besides offering an inadequate service with regard to the wellbeing of your best friend, they most certainly won’t be able to help you if you’re travelling overseas. The reasons are the following:

  • They deal mainly with land transportation services;
  • They are unable to assist you as regards your Pet’s vaccines and paperwork.

Therefore, what can you do in order to take your pet to Canada? Fortunately, you can rely on Bliss Pets 🙂

How to transfer your dog or cat to Canada?

In order to ship your pet from Italy to Canada, you will need some specific documents and certificates:

1. Microchips for recognition

First of all, the microchip for the recognition of your pet. These chips, which are completely painless and harmless to our pets, are very useful in order to know constantly where our faithful friend is, in case he/she should run away from home, etc.

2. Vaccinations against Rabies

The second essential requirement in order to make your pet travel to Canada is to provide him/her with vaccination against rabies. This vaccination must be administered at least 30 days prior to your pet’s departure. For more information on this type of vaccination, please consult the information sheet of the Ministry of Health.

3. Certificate of good health

Last but not least, as we would say, the certificate of good health is a guarantee requested by the airline company for the importation of animals to Canada. The procedure to obtain it is very simple, just ask for the local Government Vet (ASL Veterinaria) in order to issue it. It has to be issued in two languages (Italian and English), as many of the destination countries request it strictly in an international language (English).

What kind of journey should I choose for the transportation of my pet from Italy to Canada?trasporto-animale-canada

As to “how” should your pet travel to Canada, you can mainly count on 2 options: as check-in baggage or as special cargo (unaccompanied). Let us see together what is the difference between them.

NB: For the different types of journeys we will deal with here below, it is compulsory that your pet travel inside a IATA compliant carrier. By choosing Bliss Pets, you will have the possibility to request the best custom made carrier for your pet. Transferring your dog to Canada has never been so simple.

As check-in baggage

Even if your pet travels with you as check-in baggage, it is necessary to make a small distinction between “cabin” and “hold”.

1. Inside the cabin

“Oh, how nice, will my pet be able to travel with me?” this is one of the questions that sometimes our customers make us when they refer to this type of shipment. The answer is neither yes nor no, and we’ll immediately explain why. First of all, not all dogs can travel inside the cabin, for example, large-breed dogs or those whose weight is excessive cannot travel in the cabin with you. Moreover, due to security reasons, the number of animals admitted in the cabin is extremely low.

2. In the hold

For various reasons, most pets cannot travel inside the cabin with their mommies and daddies. Pets not travelling inside the cabin travel instead as check-in baggage. This type of shipment entails that pets travel inside the hold of the plane, the movement of pets takes place in the airport terminal and, moreover, no shipment recognition code is associated with their journey. Therefore, you won’t be able to keep track of the shipment. Finally: as in the cabin, airline companies have limits for the size of the pet carrier even with regard to the hold.

So, what can you do to take your dog to Canada? The answer is Special cargo flights!

trasporto gatti CanadaSpecial Cargo Flights

Bliss Pets is specialized in Special Cargo flights (or unaccompanied flights). In 99% of the cases, pets travel in any case on scheduled flights. These flights provide for a space dedicated to pets inside the pressurized, ventilated and air-conditioned hold. A real safe and exclusive place so that your pet can enjoy his/her journey with extreme tranquillity. The conditions are just the same as those of the passenger cabin. Besides, he/she will have an embarkation area dedicated exclusively to him/her, unlike the flights mentioned above, where their embarkation takes place at the terminal area of the airport.

Are you moving to Canada and want to take your furry friend with you?
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Shipment of pets to Canada: what more will you have by choosing Bliss Pets?

Bliss Pets is a European reality, born in Italy, and is continuing to grow. First of all, we are animal lovers, and for this reason, all the services offered by us are 100% focused on the well-being and care of our friends.

Are you looking for someone who can handle the transportation service of pets to Canada? By choosing Bliss you will enter into contact with a multilingual staff, experienced and certified in the fulfilment of its work. Thanks to our long experience and professionality, we can count on a capillary network of agents worldwide, thus we can assist and make the transfer of your furry friend to Canada (a child’s play). If you are interested in our service, all you have to do is leave a request for a quote on our site.

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