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The transport of animals in Europe is regulated by a series of regulations that must be known and respected in order to introduce a dog, a cat or any other species into one of the countries belonging to the EU.

Moving your pet is seen and felt as a source of anxiety for those who have to move to another country; to worry are mainly the hours of flight that the animal, large or small, spends in an unknown environment such as the hold of the plane. If we add to this the numerous bureaucratic formalities to be completed, which often vary from one country to another, everything becomes more complex.

Bliss Pet Services, aware of the needs of animals and their respective owners, takes care of the entire process relating to the transport of animals in EU countries with professionalism and competence. We provide consultancy and assistance in carrying out the paperwork necessary for the transfer; upon request, we personally take care of compiling and preparing all the documentation required by the country of destination.

Also with regard to the transport of animals in Europe we have a reliable and qualified team. The people who collaborate with Bliss Pet Services, driven by love and respect for animals, are committed every day to ensuring the well-being, comfort and safety of four-legged passengers.

La presenza ed il successo di Bliss Pets in Europa è la prova della competenza ed affidabilità che offriamo ai nostri clienti.


England is one of the European countries that attracts the largest catchment area. Many companies need to relocate their managers, young and old who decide to move temporarily or permanently to embrace new professional opportunities. Whether you have decided to move for professional reasons or simply for a new life opportunity, whether you see your future in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh and you need to bring your animal friend, you must know that the international shipment process of animals from Italy to the United Kingdom requires a substantial organizational commitment.

You will find some companies that offer more or less similar services, giving rise to the great dilemma of how to choose the right partner. The chosen organization plays a key role, as it supports the family in a delicate phase of their life: change.

This change, among other things, includes a small immense detail: the transfer of your best friend. People are able to communicate and make themselves understood. For the handling of animals, another degree of competence and specialization is required.

A generic forwarder is certainly capable of getting a “package” from point A to point B, but in our case the “package” is alive and you need to be able to understand exactly what to do, quickly, during all stages of the process.

Change is already synonymous with stress in itself, as it is naturally associated with uncertainty and fear of the new, in the presence of a known and stable situation.

We absolutely do not want to transmit any stress to our four-legged friend, but only safety, comfort and the certainty of seeing your family again quickly and without too many bureaucratic difficulties. For the transport of animals from Italy to England, our organizational structure makes use of a staff of Pet Travel Specialists (personal travel consultants), veterinarians, drivers specialized in animal management, customs officers, primary airlines, Pet Hotels at 5 stars.
Bliss Pet Services operates with care and meticulousness, in compliance with the agreed times, in order to guarantee your full satisfaction and total safety and comfort for your trusted friend.

We have personally visited the ARC (Animal Reception Center) in London Heathrow and the one in Edinburgh. We are perfectly familiar with the procedures for entering the UK. We are in daily contact with the British government bodies and at any time we can establish contact with local colleagues and have a privileged channel for problem resolution.

Our promise is to allow you to have a service strongly oriented towards what your animal friend really needs, that is to have a professional who takes care of its movement from one part of the world to another with the same care and attention which you would use.

Here is what you will find by choosing our services:


IATA Lar trained and certified specialist consultant to assist you during all stages of the shipment.

bliss pet smart planning

To find out in detail all the documents to be prepared and the veterinary path that will lead to the departure of your pet.

bliss world gateway

Our exclusive portal entirely dedicated to you, where you can read transport information and pay invoices online.

bliss pet protection plan

An all risks insurance plan able to cover any type of unexpected event for traveling animals.


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Signorina Privata
Signorina Privata
Cosa dire di Bliss Pet Services..... Grazie a loro il sogno durato anni di portare il mio cane in Australia si è finalmente realizzato grazie all'aiuto di questa azienda e soprattutto di Federica che con tanta pazienza e dedizione è riuscita a far avverare questo sogno. Se decidete di portare con voi il vostro amico a quattro zampe vi consiglio di affidarvi a questa azienda Meravigliosa.
Sabina Ciambrone
Sabina Ciambrone
Che dire se non che siete stati tutti semplicemente FANTASTICI!!! Ho spedito i miei cani dall’Italia agli Stati Uniti in un viaggio lungo due giorni con l’ansia nel cuore. Ma ho trovato una famiglia generosa e paziente che mi ha saputo guidare passo passo in questa esperienza indimenticabile. Grazie Ilaria mia personale guida dalla pazienza infinita…non ti ringrazierò mai abbastanza ❤️
C Palazzo
C Palazzo
We had a great experience with Blisspets. They were very helpful and sincere. Thank you to Annamaria for being very easy to contact. So happy to be reunited with our precious Dalmatian.
Italian Eco style ltd New Zealand
Italian Eco style ltd New Zealand
Servizio ottimo e competente. Alto livello di comunicazione durante tutto il procedimento di contatto dall'estero, trasporto e sdoganamento. Altamente raccomandati sia per trasporto dei nostri migliori amici dall'estero all'Italia che viceversa. Mi sono ricongiunta al mio amatissimo e preziosissimo Black senza alcun intoppo!
Daniela Bombaci
Daniela Bombaci
Bliss Pet Services moves my dogs from Italy to USA. Hig professional service. They take care of my family, the dogs arrived in USA in perfect condition and everything went as we organize. The lady that organized everything was very very gentle and she answered every my questions 🥰 she is very professional in her job and she does it with love. Very good job ! Happy to meet Bliss Pet Services
David Ackerman
David Ackerman
As pet parents (we do not OWN our pets!) we were very concerned about our 3 Siberian cats flying from Milano to Hong Kong with an overnight stay in Frankfurt. Not only did Bliss take fantastic care of our kitties, they took great care of the Pet Parents. They guided us through (took care of actually) the complicated bureaucratic processes AND made it incredibly easy. They even took them from our home in Milano to the vet for their final health certificate. They provided door to door (Milano to HK) pick up and delivery, we received photos and messages about the kitties while in Frankfurt overnight, and the ensured both pets and pet parents felt care and concern. Epilogue - 3 kitties are now in HK happy, healthy, shedding everywhere & destroying the apartment. This means everything is normal now. And this is 100% thanks to Bliss.
chris mcgahey
chris mcgahey
We recently worked with Bliss on the Italian side of moving our two boxers from the US to our new home in Italy. Their work was … perfect. They notified us of the dogs’ progress each step of the way with messages and photos. But, most importantly, they cared about our pups. It was obvious in their communications, their attention to our needs, and the way that our pups became fond of Bliss staff in the one day they were together. I recommend Bliss to any and all based on their professionalism, multi-lingual contact, regularity of communication, and heart-felt spirit. We could not have asked for better support. I am sure that I am speaking not only for my wife and I, but also for our four-legged family members.
Egi Laho
Egi Laho
Grazie Bliss pet, specialmente Federica che ha seguito il viaggio della nostra cagnolina Bella da Milano a Sydney,Australian. Nonostante i 2 giorni di viaggio e 10 giorni di quarantena, Bella e arrivata a casa in un ottima forma.Grazie mille di tutto
Nicole Krammer
Nicole Krammer
I viaggi intercontinentali per i nostri amici a 4 zampe non sono mai facili, specialmente per chi, come me, li considera come veri e propri membri della famiglia. Per questo motivo ci tengo a ringraziare Bliss Pet, e in particolare Federica, per l'aiuto e il supporto che ci hanno garantito in questo complicato processo. Il nostro caso specifico prevedeva il rientro del mio cagnolino (piccola taglia - 2 anni) dall'Italia all'Australia. Nonostante avessi deciso di non badare a spese per trovare il trasportatore migliore, Bliss Pet, oltre ad avere le recensioni migliori e una gamma di servizi tra i migliori sul mercato, ci ha anche fornito il preventivo più competitivo. A conti fatti, posso confermare che è stata la scelta migliore sotto tutti i punti ti vista: - Federica si è occupata di preparare tutti i documenti necessari, prenotare quarantena, voli, e pensione per il cane durante lo scalo - ci ha fornito ogni informazione in maniera dettagliata e una tabella di marcia precisa affinché tutto rispettasse le rigidissime e intransigenti regole australiane - Ha risposto a ogni messaggio/e-mail in maniera quasi istantanea, grazie anche al supporto degli altri membri del team - Mi ha aiutato a risolvere TUTTI i piccoli inconvenienti ed errorini capitati per colpa di veterinari poco zelanti - Ci ha fornito di tutti i link di tracking affinché sapessimo in ogni momento dove il cane fosse durante il suo lungo viaggio -Bliss Pet ha garantito il preventivo migliore, che è stato rispettato al centesimo senza sorprese - inoltre, BP collabora in maniera diretta con un servizio di trasporto animali Australiano e questo permette di garantire un'assistenza che non finisce una volta lasciato il confine Italiano, ma bensì continua a 360° anche in Australia. Quando ho finalmente potuto riabbracciare il mio pelosetto l'ho trovato in perfetta forma e felice di vedermi, azzerando completamente le mie paure sul fatto che questo viaggio lo avesse traumatizzato. (Probabilmente l'ho vissuta peggio io del cane!) Assolutamente soddisfatta del servizio, felicissima di aver scelto Bliss Pet, grata a Federica per il supporto, consiglio vivamente questo servizio a 5 stelle.


Bliss Pet Services has the right solution for you and your furry friend!

If you want to know the terms and prices for the transport of animals outside the Italian territory, all you have to do is fill in accurately all the fields of the attached form of request. The quotation is absolutely free and not-binding.

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