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If you want to know the methods and prices for the transport of animals outside the borders of the Italian territory, all you have to do is fill in all the fields of the request form accurately.


Fill out the form immediately and find out how much it costs to travel your pet abroad. Bliss Pets collaborates with the best airlines around the world to provide you with the solutions that best suit your needs and always guarantee you an excellent service.

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In full awareness of the difficulties encountered in our customers in welcoming the variability of costs and times, we ensure every possible effort to mitigate the changeability of the circumstances described, however we cannot hold ourselves responsible for the changes connected to the current scenarios.mente la variabilità dei costi e dei tempi, assicuriamo ogni possibile sforzo atto a mitigare la mutevolezza delle circostanze descritte, non potendoci ritenere tuttavia responsabili dei cambiamenti connessi agli scenari attuali.

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