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The transport of animals in Europe is regulated by a series of regulations that must be known and respected in order to introduce a dog, a cat or any other species into one of the countries belonging to the EU.

Moving your pet is seen and felt as a source of anxiety for those who have to move to another country; to worry are mainly the hours of flight that the animal, large or small, spends in an unknown environment such as the hold of the plane. If we add to this the numerous bureaucratic formalities to be completed, which often vary from one country to another, everything becomes more complex.

Bliss Pet Services, aware of the needs of animals and their respective owners, takes care of the entire process relating to the transport of animals in EU countries with professionalism and competence. We provide consultancy and assistance in carrying out the paperwork necessary for the transfer; upon request, we personally take care of compiling and preparing all the documentation required by the country of destination.

Also with regard to the transport of animals in Europe we have a reliable and qualified team. The people who collaborate with Bliss Pet Services, driven by love and respect for animals, are committed every day to ensuring the well-being, comfort and safety of four-legged passengers.

La presenza ed il successo di Bliss Pets in Europa è la prova della competenza ed affidabilità che offriamo ai nostri clienti.


England is one of the European countries that attracts the largest catchment area. Many companies need to relocate their managers, young and old who decide to move temporarily or permanently to embrace new professional opportunities. Whether you have decided to move for professional reasons or simply for a new life opportunity, whether you see your future in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh and you need to bring your animal friend, you must know that the international shipment process of animals from Italy to the United Kingdom requires a substantial organizational commitment.

You will find some companies that offer more or less similar services, giving rise to the great dilemma of how to choose the right partner. The chosen organization plays a key role, as it supports the family in a delicate phase of their life: change.

This change, among other things, includes a small immense detail: the transfer of your best friend. People are able to communicate and make themselves understood. For the handling of animals, another degree of competence and specialization is required.

A generic forwarder is certainly capable of getting a “package” from point A to point B, but in our case the “package” is alive and you need to be able to understand exactly what to do, quickly, during all stages of the process.

Change is already synonymous with stress in itself, as it is naturally associated with uncertainty and fear of the new, in the presence of a known and stable situation.

We absolutely do not want to transmit any stress to our four-legged friend, but only safety, comfort and the certainty of seeing your family again quickly and without too many bureaucratic difficulties. For the transport of animals from Italy to England, our organizational structure makes use of a staff of Pet Travel Specialists (personal travel consultants), veterinarians, drivers specialized in animal management, customs officers, primary airlines, Pet Hotels at 5 stars.
Bliss Pet Services operates with care and meticulousness, in compliance with the agreed times, in order to guarantee your full satisfaction and total safety and comfort for your trusted friend.

We have personally visited the ARC (Animal Reception Center) in London Heathrow and the one in Edinburgh. We are perfectly familiar with the procedures for entering the UK. We are in daily contact with the British government bodies and at any time we can establish contact with local colleagues and have a privileged channel for problem resolution.

Our promise is to allow you to have a service strongly oriented towards what your animal friend really needs, that is to have a professional who takes care of its movement from one part of the world to another with the same care and attention which you would use.

Here is what you will find by choosing our services:


IATA Lar trained and certified specialist consultant to assist you during all stages of the shipment.

bliss pet smart planning

To find out in detail all the documents to be prepared and the veterinary path that will lead to the departure of your pet.

bliss world gateway

Our exclusive portal entirely dedicated to you, where you can read transport information and pay invoices online.

bliss pet protection plan

An all risks insurance plan able to cover any type of unexpected event for traveling animals.


our customer's review

Serena De Fabrizio (Berry)
Serena De Fabrizio (Berry)
Ho deciso di trasferirmi con il mio compagno dall'Italia a Dubai, consapevole del fatto che sarebbe stata una delle imprese più complicate perché quando si è genitori di un pelosetto , si hanno sempre mille pensieri e preoccupazioni. Mi sono rivolta a BlissPet perché avevo bisogno di capire come portare a destinazione il mio cucciolone Baloo (essendo anche un cane molto diffidente) Sin dal primo momento, Ilaria ed Annamaria si sono prese cura di me e mi hanno fatto sentire al sicuro, accompagnadomi in tutta la procedura e fornendomi supporto, rimanendo in costante contatto con me. Baloo è giunto a destinazione da quasi 24 ore, con una luce negli occhi e una tranquillità che mi hanno resa fiera di aver intrapreso questa nuova avventura e di aver scelto Bliss! Senza di voi sarebbe stato sicuramente impossibile e pertanto vi ringrazio con il cuore, la nostra famiglia è finalmente al completo. 😊❤️
Joanna Ransome
Joanna Ransome
I sent my cat, "Smoke" from Italy to Australia with Bliss Pets. The support I received throughout the process was exceptional.Bliss Pet services provided regular communication and their patience and professionalism was very special. They organized all the permits and paperwork for the overseas transfer process.This also included a clear timeline of dates, vet visits and inoculations and medical tests which needed to be timetabled and organized. The attention to detail, regular answering of anxious questions (from me the owner), gained my trust and confidence. Smoke arrived safely at her destination and is now adapting to her new environment. To all the Bliss Pets support staff who assisted my cat on her way.Thank you so much. I thoroughly recommend this organization for their excellent staff particularly Annamaria and Federica in Italy, who I was in regular contact with throughout the process. Joanna and Smoke
Cathy Calhoun
Cathy Calhoun
We just completed a VERY long, complicated door-to-door transport of our 90-lb dog and cat from a small island off the coast of Sicily in Italy to the central coast of Chile. This transport involved boats/cars/boarding facilities and multiple flights. We were lucky to be guided by Annamaria at Bliss and there is no doubt that her relationships with the airlines helped us navigate some BIG potential issues. We had several challenges along the way, but Annamaria was always with us to help work through things to ensure the safe arrival of our beloved pets. Her experience was, truly, priceless. She inspired confidence and calm during a process that is by its nature, very anxiety-provoking! We are grateful to her and to Bliss and we would highly recommend them both.
Andrea Nikcevic
Andrea Nikcevic
We are immensely grateful that we found this pet shipping business. We cannot thank them enough for everything their team did in order to get our dogs all the way from Italy to South Korea. From the moment we started communicating with Ms. Ilaria she was efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and so patient and kind. We knew we were in good hands. Our stress levels went down and made our move to completely opposite part of the world easy and smooth. We will highly recommend this business to all of our family and friends, especially our military friends so they can also PCS smoothly just like we did. Both of our dogs arrived here looking completely happy, not stressed, and they easily went back into our daily routine. We will definitely use this business again.
Susan Carazas
Susan Carazas
Servizio competente e veloce. Buona comunicazione durante tutta la parte del procedimento di documentazioni, trasporto e viaggio del mio cagnolino passando anche attraverso alla dogana. Il mio cane ha viaggiato da Torino a New York senza riscontrare nessun problema. Ringrazio Bliss per il lavoro eccellente.Grazie di tutto ❤️❤️🙏🙏
Mel Tracy
Mel Tracy
Thank you so much to BLISS pet services for your invaluable help. We had the daunting task of getting our little Maltipoo Cooper from Milan, Italy to Melbourne Australia. Federica and Ilaria helped us through the very complicated export process. Every step of the way was checked thoroughly by them and then corrected if necessary. Because of their diligence, when it came down to the day to send Cooper to Australia, the process went smoothly without a hitch. Thank you very much for looking after our precious cargo so well.
Martina Ferri
Martina Ferri
Ho deciso di venire in Australia per stabilirmi in modo permanente e ho sempre saputo che non avrei potuto vivere senza il mio cane Zac. Dopo essermi informata da sola sul processo ho capito che non ce l’avrei potuta fare e così mi sono imbattuta in questa compagnia. Dopo 1 anno, 1 mese di quarantena e una valangata di documenti e tempistiche da rispettare Zac è arrivato in Australia e ho potuto finalmente riabbracciarlo. Blisspet ha seguito il percorso del mio cane con estrema precisione tenendomi aggiornata su tutti i cambiamenti che sono avvenuti in Australia mentre stavamo facendo i documenti necessari. Nonostante l’Australia sia un paese estremamente severo quando si tratta di ‘importazione’ tutti i documenti di Zac erano PERFETTI e non ci sono stati problemi né durante il volo né in quarantena. Federica, Ilaria e Annamaria sono stati i miei angeli, super pazienti e sempre pronte a rispondermi con estrema chiarezza e gentilezza. Zac è arrivato in Australia in super forma ed è solo grazie al team di blisspet che ora posso vivere questa pazzesca avventura insieme al mio migliore amico Grazie del lavoro che fate, siete speciali 🤍
Cristina Arborio
Cristina Arborio
E' la seconda volta che utilizzo i servizi di Bliss Pet e anche in questa occasione posso dare un ottimo feedback. Il team di Bliss ha gestito con professionalità e attenzione il trasferimento del nostro labrador negli Emirati Arabi, rispondendo ad ogni nostra esigenza durante tutte le fasi della relocation. Non esiterei a ricorrere a loro una terza volta!
Monica Lam
Monica Lam
My cat cannot travel with me from Rome to Taiwan due to the waiting period of the rabies titer test. Bliss handled all the complicated paperwork for my cat to travel to Taiwan, they were diligent and responsive with email and WhatsApp. Updating me on the processes. Their price is very reasonable for the quality of service provided. I am extremely happy with the services they provided.
Romina Piano
Romina Piano
Pochi giorni fa, il mio adorato cane Corso ha dovuto affrontare un lungo viaggio in aereo, dalla Costa Rica all'Italia. La Bliss Pet è stata l'agenzia che si è incaricata della seconda parte del suo viaggio, da Francoforte a Milano. L'assistenza che ho ricevuto è stata fantastica, sia a livello logistico che a livello di supporto morale. Ieri è stata una giornata complessa per me, ma Ilaria è stata presente virtualmente fino a quando ho potuto riabbracciare il mio Ade, assicurandosi che tutto procedesse nel migliore dei modi. Ringrazio davvero di cuore tutte le persone che si sono prese cura del mio cane, sotto tutti i punti di vista. Grazie, grazie davvero! Ora siamo insieme!
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