Documentation for Animals Travelling abroad

Assistance and consultancy services for the shipment of animals abroad

The transfer overseas of dogs, cats, ferrets, or any other species, is an operation requiring a long bureaucratic and rather difficult procedure. The documents needed for the animal’s journey often vary from one country to another. It is therefore essential to be familiar with them in order to prepare the documentation required for the journey and entry into the destination country.

If, in addition to the variety of country regulations, it is also almost impossible, for many destinations, to contact directly the airline companies, the procedure becomes furthermore complicated. We are here to help you! We are the best ally for those people who want to transfer their furry pet overseas and for its shipment wants to rely on a competent and trustworthy company. International regulations for air transportation require, for those who organize personally the journey of their own animals, a certain number of documents, namely: passport, microchip, vaccination certificates and import permits. Among the accessory services offered by us, we include  all the required customs formalities, carried out by our team of professional experts who can provide all the assistance you may need so that the entire bureaucratic operation may be concluded positively. The documents required for the transfer of animals by plane vary according to the final destination.

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