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Transportation of pets to Bahrein – Choose the experts for the journey of your furry friend

If you are reading this article you are also searching for information on the transportation of animals to Bahrein. Bahrein is a State situated in an archipelago made up of more than 30 islands off the western coast of the Persian Gulf.

There has been an increasing number of requests for removals towards this area, together with those regarding the shipment of their loving pets. The question that is made to us, at a first legitimate impression, by many people requesting information towards this destination is:

is it really possible for my furry friend to travel to Bahrein?

The answer is undoubted yes! All you have to do is contact the right partner who will be able to assist you throughout the entire journey, such as Bliss Pet Services.

Shipment of animals to Bahrein – Essential procedures to be known

From what you have read ‘till now, you must have certainly understood that it is possible for your pet to travel towards the said destination. However, the shipment of animals to Bahrein cannot be compared to journeys that are “simpler”  such as those to the USA or to Canada. Indeed, some specific veterinarian certificates and documents are required, which can be obtained only with the help of the right ally.

The mistake that many families make when they plan a journey for their furry friends is to rely on shippers, generic movers or couriers, who, although they are able to assist the pet with regard to the transportation phase, they most certainly would not be of any assistance during the phase involving the paperwork and the veterinarian certification for the pet’s journey.

Unlike them, Bliss Pets Services can fully assist the pet to be transferred with regard to the journey, the documents as well as the veterinarian procedures.

Moreover, what strongly characterizes Bliss Pets is its capacity to offer a high standard service that comprises safety, comfort, serenity, zero stress and attention to the needs of the pet and his/her parents. How can we guarantee all this? The magical formula is a specialization in what we do and a great love for animals <3

Pet Transportation to Bahrein – How does the air journey work?

We wish to immediately set you at ease on an important thing, the journey of your pet by air is very safe!

The proof of what we have stated lies in a statistical study carried out by the famous airline company Air Cargo World,  confirming the absolute safety of this type of journey. If, moreover, we add the many testimonials (which you can find on our web site and our Facebook page) concerning the air journeys of pets, you will then be certain that shipping a dog (cat or other Pet) to Bahrein will absolutely not be a problem.

That being said, Bliss Pets is specialized in Special Cargo flights (unaccompanied flights). What does this mean? Unlike the “normal scheduled flights”, whether accompanied or not, in which the animal travels as check-in baggage (in the cabin or in the hold), in these flights it is possible to travel in a sole and exclusive environment dedicated to your pet, namely:

  • Your pet will have a dedicated embarkation area, unlike the scheduled flights where the embarkation takes place at the terminal area;
  • Your pet will travel in a dedicated, air-conditioned, ventilated and pressurized hold which replicates 100% the travel conditions of the passengers in the cabin.

Furthermore, only by relying on Bliss Pet Services you will be able to count on a series of advantages dedicated to you:

  1. Assistance before, during and after the departure by your dedicated Pet Travel Specialist;
  2. A network of super-qualified agents worldwide who will take care of accompanying your pet from the destination airport to his/her new home;
  3. The possibility of finding the best solution for your pet’s needs: boarding facility before and after their departure, the possibility to organize domestic flights (only if combined with international flights) and other ancillary services;
  4. Exclusive dedicated services for you and your furry friend, such as the Bliss World Gateway™, namely a control panel where you will be able to find ALL the information regarding your pet’s journey, as status of the journey, a tutorial for the compilation of documents, the possibility to pay online, plus other very interesting information .

Transportation of pets to Manama through Bliss Pets

You need to transport your dog (cat or other pet) to Manama? It’s not a problem with Bliss Pets. As already mentioned above, we can assist you in the journey of your pet towards this destination. Don’t hesitate to call us at 800 974 231 or send a request for a quote by clicking HERE in order to know more and organize your pet’s service without any stress or worries. Let us take care of everything!

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