As we know, Australia is not a simple destination. The particular ecosystem present in this magnificent country imposes very meticulous entry and exit checks for passengers – even for the four-legged ones. Nothing that is impossible, of course, however, it is necessary to take into account some information that may be absolutely useful in planning the transportation of pets from Italy to Australia.

More specifically, the “do it yourself” thing is not advisable for this destination, due to the fact that the entry veterinary procedures are very scrupulous and accurate, and the check of the paperwork is very painstaking. Let’s try to understand how the transfer of your dog (or any other pet) to Australia can be made.

Information on pet relocation from Italy to Australia

First piece of information to be borne in mind for the transportation of pets from Italy to Australia: in order to enter into Australia your pet must have an importation permit issued by the Australian Agricultural Department, the lacking of which will not allow your pet to access the country.

Second piece of information: especially by virtue of the Australian delicate environmental conditions, your pet, once  he/she has landed on Australian soil, he/she must spend 10 days in quarantine at the Mickleham station, where he/she will be assisted by specialized personnel who will take good care of him/her.

Bringing pets to Australia: how should I organize his/her journey?

Due to all the reasons specified above, the travel-program of your pet should be organized in a very detailed manner: starting with the planning of his/her arrival at the airport in Melbourne, the period of quarantine and finally his/her delivery to the new home. Relying on agencies specialized in the international shipment of pets is, indeed, the most simple way – and the one mostly indicated – in order to guarantee your Pet a safe, comfortable and organized journey. For example, Bliss Pets can take care of the procedures, flights, importation, quarantine transfer and home delivery.

Are you looking for a professional dealing with pet relocation to Australia?


How much in advance should I organize the journey?

The preparation of the transfer of a pet to Australia by air usually starts 7 months before the actual journey. One of the reasons for such a long preparation is the fact that an antibody titration test is required and has to be made before the pet’s departure.

By choosing to rely on BlissPets for the entire transfer service of your furry friend, the Pet Travel Specialist assigned to you will provide you with all the related necessary information. In particular, he/she will process a roadmap for you and your veterinarian, which will contain all the veterinary deadlines to be complied with, together with the relevant timescales and procedures to be followed. In this way, it will be easier for you to better organize your pet’s journey.

Bringing a cat or a dog to Sydney

transportation of pets on Sidney

If you are thinking of bringing your cat or dog to Australia, and you are specifically looking for a pet transportation service to Sidney, you must bear in mind that the organization of the journey is much more complex than any other destination. Relying on a specialist, such as  Bliss Pets, will assure you an impeccable organization of the service, and care and safety for you best friend, together with a guaranteed assistance for any doubt or problem that may arise.


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