Puppy Scams: Do not buy puppies online❌

Are you thinking of buying a puppy online? DON’T DO IT.

If you have decided to enlarge your family by getting a puppy or a kitten, we advise you to not purchase them online.

The reasons are explained here below.

Scams of online Pet Sales – How does it work?

It is increasingly more often that fake ads appear on internet sites, such as E-bay, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace and many others, posted by people pretending to be certified breeders, stating that they have to donate (or sell at bargain prices) breed puppies – usually small size – on the ground that they cannot keep them due to various reasons.


For the transfer of the puppy, they ask for a refund of the expenses incurred for the transportation, amounting to about 150/200 Euros.


According to the information supplied by the alleged “breeder”, the puppy is available in Europe, but as you proceed with the contacts, the payment for the puppy is requested through Moneygram or Money Transfer (which is untraceable), on a bank account that is usually outside the EU (generally in Africa).

Once the first part of the payment is made, in order to extort more money from the victim, the alleged “breeder” invents that the puppy is blocked at the airport for reasons related to the shipment insurance and, in order to continue the shipment procedure, it is necessary to make a further payment of an amount that may vary between 700 and 1000 Euros.

In order to increase the possibility that the victim pay that extra amount, the scammers invent that – if the entire amount is not paid – the pet will remain blocked at the airport and the future owner may be held responsible and subject to a complaint.

Another strategy put into practice by the scammers in order to increase their credibility is the one aimed at the unlawful use of another person’s identity [identity theft], through the dissemination on whatsapp of videos of Italian persons holding their identity documents in their hands. These audio-visual materials are stolen from social networks and used to create a false identity and establish a certain trust with the unaware victim.


Scams perpetrated under the name of BLISS PETS

The above-described scam is often made by the scammers through the unlawful and improper use of our name and that of our company, as you can see from the photo here below.


truffa scam


The fact that Bliss Pets is specialized in the international transportation of pets makes it much easier for the scammers to fool their victims.


However, even after a first reading of the fake emails, one can see that it is quite obvious that the persons writing are not Italian but made use of online translators to translate (very badly) their emails.



As a matter of fact, the scammers make an improper use of logos and photos illicitly taken from our sites and/or social portals, email, etc., of reference. The only way to understand if you are legitimately talking to a member of our staff is to always check the email addresses from which the communications are sent.

Bliss Pets’ only official email domains are the following:

  • @blisspets.it
  • @blisspets.eu


Scammers use email addresses such as blisspets@aol.it or other domains NOT ASSOCIATED WITH BLISS PETS!


7 rules to be followed in order not to fall into the hands of false breeders


  • Why should you purchase a puppy from a person you don’t  know?


  • Stabilisci un contatto telefonico con le persone con cui sei in contatto via email. Vedrai che non risponderanno e se lo faranno capirai che non si tratta né di persone Italiane né di altri paesi Europei


  • Diffida da chi regala/svende cuccioli di razza su internet. I prezzi per acquistare un cucciolo di razza partono da tutt’altro tipo di cifre (solitamente non inferiori a Euro 800,00)


  • I costi per far viaggiare un animale in aereo senza accompagnatore (ovvero come special cargo) sono senza dubbio superiori a Euro 150/200 richiesti nella prima fase della truffa. Solitamente le cifre per organizzare questo tipo di trasporto speciale partono da Euro 800,00


  • Fai attenzione al contenuto delle comunicazioni che ricevi, al livello linguistico e grammaticale: molte delle comunicazioni ricevute da potenziali truffatori sono scritte in un italiano scorretto e le informazioni sulla mail sono sommarie o presentate in maniera disordinata. Diffida da questo tipo di comunicazioni. Si tratta palesemente di traduzioni automatiche fatte tramite motori di ricerca


  • Se vieni contattato da un account BLISS Pets, assicurati sempre che gli indirizzi email siano o @blisspets.eu o @blisspets.it


  • Se vieni contattato da altri domini non collegati a BLISS PETS, non rispondere, chiamaci al telefono!