The first #BlissFulDay was held on May 25th 2016, a completely no profit event focused on helping people or animals who are facing difficulties. This first event was organized by Bliss Pet Services to help a shelter housing abandoned dogs and cats…

I perfectly remember the day that our CEO Francesco Argirò explained his idea and the logistic details of this first event. He called us all to the meeting room where he played a video. That video had a tremendous impact on me and the whole Bliss staff. The idea behind it was clear and extremely simple: helping concretely our unlucky four-legged friends, giving them a “different” and Blissful day.

foto-blissfulday3The location chosen for the first #BlissFulDay was the “Rifugio San Francesco” in Rome, which has now for many years been taking care of abandoned or abused dogs and cats.

On the day of the event, we all gathered at our offices in Palestrina and, after a quick briefing, a bus drove us all to the shelter. We had moments of joy and lightheartedness on the bus, which was especially booked for the occasion by the company management.

We arrived at the chosen location at around 10:30 a.m.   The shelter could be reached only by following a dirt road which ended at a small square where a structure could be seen on the right. One of the managers of the “Rifugio San Francesco” was there waiting for us; he made a small introduction on the shelter’s history and the assistance given by them to the animals housed in it. Afterwards, he showed us the activities we would be carrying out during the day, which I may summarize with one phrase:

all help is welcomed, there is so much to do”…

And it was actually so; notwithstanding the great work these special people carry out for the animal-friends, the tasksfoto-blissfulday2 remaining to be done are always many. Starting from simple routine activities, all the way to the more complicated medical cures aimed at literally saving those animals who, before their arrival, suffered violence and who knows what else. During the #BlissfulDay we offered only a small part of the great help these people provide on a daily basis.

But, coming back to us, after the illustration of the daily tasks, we divided into teams. The shelter is organized in various sectors and houses mainly dogs and cats. Some of us took care of the daily cleaning chores, others took care of the animals’ grooming or the application of anti-parasite products, etc.

After an energizing lunch break and taking the ritual photos for the event,  we carried on with our tasks, which this time were more of a recreational nature… walks, caressing and giving love to these adorable creatures.

I vividly recall those moments, their eyes were filled with joy, they ran from one part to another and they were happy because they were spending a day with some people who were there for them only.  Obviously their happiness was so contagious that we literally were mad with joy; the time we spent with them was so amazing and, certainly, unforgettable.

foto-blissfuldayBefore saying good-bye, we took other photos together with the check that Bliss Corporation happily donated to this shelter which is concretely engaged, as I have already explained, in making these unfortunate animals happier and carefree.

This #BlissFulDay was really an amazing experience; we saw for ourselves what it means to help creatures who did not have a “normal” past. The volunteers of the shelter narrated some of their stories; we cuddled them, we looked straight into their eyes, and they…gave us unforgettable emotions. All of this is a demonstration of how strong and…SPECIAL the man-animal contact is.

First of all, a special thanks goes to Bliss Corporation Management, in particular its president Mr. Francesco Argirò, who made all this possible. Another special thanks goes to Ms. Maila Cosentino (Accounting- Purchasing Department) who organized the logistics and materials for this event in an impeccable way.  Finally, a special thanks goes to Mr. Federico Presta, of the Marketing & New Media Department, who set up this video on the 1st #BlissFulDay which you are invited to watch because it is really worth it!




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