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Procedures and methods for transporting dogs by plane

Are you moving to another country and don’t know to whom you should entrust the shipment of your dogs? Are you worried about the journey and want to make sure that it is taken care of with the maximum comfort and peace of mind?

Bliss Pet Services has the right service for you!

Since we are aware of the strong relationship existing between a person and his/her four-legged friend, we handle the shipment of dogs in Europe and worldwide with the maximum care, ensuring reliable and qualified services.

The fact that we are driven by a mission aimed at ensuring the welfare and safety of our furry friends, we operate in full compliance with the regulations of the destination countries and deal with all the technical, bureaucratic and health care aspects required for the shipment of your dog abroad, in order to make sure it arrives safely.

Documents and certificates required for the shipment of dogs overseas

The regulations governing air transport and medical prophylaxis required for the shipment of a dog abroad may vary from country to country.
In such a complex and diversified bureaucratic viewpoint, Bliss Pet Services is an ideal partner for the organization of the trip and to carry out the procedure for the completion and production of certificates and documents.
Thanks to qualified experts in this field, who share the love for animals, we will provide all the assistance and advice you may need for the transportation of your dog into another country.

>Accessory services for the shipment of dogs abroad<

Shipping a dog overseas through a serious and reliable agency as Bliss Pets Services is a guarantee of thorough and qualified services mainly focused on the safety of the animal and, consequently, on reassuring its owner.
In addition to the air transfer and the supply of approved pet kennels, we offer hospitality services and accommodation at the destination countries through affiliated animal homes, carefully selected among IPATA members based on strict quality parameters.

> Our customers’ reviews <

Like every dog mom, the prospect of moving home from our overseas station in Naples, Italy was beyond stressful. To add to that, my dog Baron is a giant breed and the recent increase in restrictions made it nearly impossible for me to find the right crate and an airline that would accept him. After reading some reviews I decided to go with Bliss. I had them build a custom crate and plan Baron’s itinerary in conjunction with my flight home. While I wanted to fly with Baron, it wasn’t possible because the only airline that would accept him for our itinerary was Lufthansa (which I was happy about), and this required an overnight stay at the Animal Lounge in Frankfurt (cue more dog mom stress!) Bliss (specifically Annamaria who managed Baron’s move) was unbelievably patient with my 1 million questions, my stress from reading negative reviews of the animal lounge (which are by far the exception, not the norm) and my panic in the days before our departure.

Never once did she make me feel poorly for asking questions and she was extremely timely in her responses. Fast forward to the day of travel, we met with our Bliss travel representative at the Cargo City in Rome. Baron’s crate fit perfectly and was very well constructed. He was treated with kindness and care.

Annamaria texted me updates on Baron’s status every step of the way and aside from the expected anxiety, my fears and concerned were managed. Fast forward to picking Baron up, while he was a bit shaken he still happily greeted his sister Luna (who is small enough to fly with us) and was back to himself the next day. Baron seems happy, healthy and excited to be back stateside, and so am I. Thank you Bliss!!

Kate Ann (on Facebook Page)


I used bliss pet to travel my dog from Rome to Melbourne, I recommend them for their professional way they work.. I must admit I was so nervous about by dog traveling so far , but Federica kept assuring me that it would go all well and that he’d be in good hands , I had a tracking number so I could trace the flight and then on the other side I had other people with whom I had constant contact with.. my dog arrived well and was taken good care of also in quarantine.. I’m one happy client thank you bliss pet and thank you soooo much Federica

Enza Modica (on Facebook Page)


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