Shipping a cat by plane: guaranteed comfort and safety

Are you moving to another country and don’t know how to transport your cat to the other side of the world? If you wish to ship a cat overseas by fully safeguarding its well-being and emotional balance, you have to simply entrust the organization of its shipment to Bliss Pet Services, leading company in this field which can provide solutions customized especially for YOU.

Thanks to our quality management system ISO 9001:2008 certification and our presence in the most important international association specialized in this field, we organize the shipment from Italy to European and non-European countries strictly in compliance with current regulations.

Shipment of cats by air: precautions to ensure a safe journey

The shipment of a cat by air is often a source of concern for whoever has to move to another country and wishes to take their loving feline with them.

Contrary to what most people think, traveling by plane is the most safe and comfortable transportation means for our four-legged friends; this has been confirmed by a thorough study conducted by Air Cargo World; the statistical data collected by major airlines show an incredibly low rate of accidents.

Bliss Pet Services operates with the best airline companies and makes use of serious and qualified partners, whose only priority is the animal's well-being. In accordance with IATA regulations, at the client's request, we provide pet crates approved by IATA, equipped with all the necessary safety precautions, fundamental for your cat; the dimensions and the characteristics of the pet kennel are very important for the comfort of the “small traveler” during the journey. An important rule to be observed by all animal owners is the one relating to sedatives:

 It is extremely inadvisable to give tranquillizers to felines during the trip, in that they may be harmful for their own health. Do not give any kind of tranquillizers to your cat!

 How much does it cost to ship a cat by air?

Having established that the journey by air is safe, the following question refers to the shipping charges; how much does it cost to ship a cat by air? There is no single tariff system. However, based on the request of each client and his/her small furry four-legged friend, Bliss Pet Services provides customized quotes.

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