My Pet’s journey abroad – By car or by plane?

And here we are today talking about one of the main doubts people have with regard to the international shipment of their pet. Should my pet travel by car or by plane? So, what are we going to talk about today? We are going to explain how your pet travels


And here we are today talking about one of the main doubts people have with regard to the international shipment of their pet.

Should my pet travel by car or by plane?

So, what are we going to talk about today?

  1. We are going to explain how your pet travels by plane;
  2. We are going to explain how your pet travels by car;
  3. We will understand when one or the other is necessary for your furry friend’s journey.

Let us start our journey? 

Your pet’s journey by plane – How does it occur?

As we have already explained in a previous article on the air shipment of animals, this may take place in three different ways.

Pets travelling as check-in luggage inside the cabin

The client books a flight which provides for the possibility to add a “seat” inside the plane’s cabin even for your pet. If the pet does not meet the airline requirements for travelling together with its mommy or daddy inside the cabin – probably due to its weight – the pet may travel as “check-in luggage inside the hold”.

Pets travelling as check-in luggage inside the hold

In this case, your pet will be placed inside the hold of the plane, it will be embarked at the terminal area of the airport, and it will not be possible to keep track of the shipment of your pet because it will not be provided with a tracking code.

Is it possible that there is no specific and also comfortable shipment for my pet? …Read here below

 Pets travelling as special cargo – live animalsspedizione animali domestici in aereo

 The shipment tailored for your pet. Why?

  1. The movement – embarkation on the plane – will be specifically dedicated to your pet in the cargo area of the airport, an ad hoc area for our furry friends;
  2. Your pet will stay in a ventilated, pressurized and air-conditioned cabin, with the same travel conditions as those of a passenger cabin;
  3. Your pet will have an associated tracking code so that one may follow its journey in real time;
  4. Daddy or mommy (that is you) will be in constant contact with the Pet Travel Specialist who will follow the journey so that he/she may promptly receive up-dated information and reassurances.

This type of shipment can be organized exclusively by agencies specialized in the international shipment of animals.

Regardless of your furry friend’s method of air travel, the aspects to be taken into consideration are quite a few …

  • Your pet’s destination;
  • The veterinary certificates and paperwork required;
  • Contacts with agents and partners highly specialized in the transportation of pets from the destination airport to its new home;
  • The supply of approved pet-carriers for the shipment of your pet;
  • Rapid communications to every possible request or intervention;
  • The possibility to shelter your pet in specialized boarding facilities for animals;
  • And other

Is it safe for my pet to travel on a plane?

There are many researches the emphasize the absolute safety of travelling with animals on a plane; we are going to talk about it in this article. Besides, all 3 “shipment methods” illustrated above are SAFE for your pet’s air journey. However, if we were to make a choice on the one that better adapts to a pet’s needs, we would certainly choose the special cargo, as it can be organized by specialized agencies such as Bliss Pets.

It’s just not only because we carry out this type of service, just think about it …

What would you choose for a part of your family, i.e. your furry friend? Would you choose a fairish service or would you choose the best there is available?

I think that you, as anyone else, would like the best for your loving pet.

Pets travelling by car – How does it occur?

Well, after introducing how pets travel by plane, let’s start talking about those travelling by car.

First of all, we must clarify what the law establishes. Let’s see together the main points touched by the law in relation to pets travelling inside a car:

  • As regards the transportation of animals by car, it is mandatory that each animal be equipped with a specific pet carrier or bordered by a protection net, with the adoption of proper precautions;
  • It is prohibited to carry more than one pet inside a car;
  • It is allowed to carry more than one pet inside a car if properly held inside approved pet carriers or protection nets, with the adoption of proper precautions.

 How does your pet travel inside a car?

In quite a simple manner. Pets MUST be transported exclusively inside a pet carrier, or bordered by an appropriate division net or with the use of a safety belt, except for specific cases.

Is travelling inside a car safe for my pet?

Each of the 3 methods previously explained by me must be taught to your pet (whether inside a pet carrier, bordered by a net, or with a safety belt). Already as a puppy, your pet must be trained to travel by car so that it may get used to it and avoid that it may be a traumatic experience.

Unlike air travel, where animals DO NOT suffer jolts, shoves, etc., curves, long distances and the car’s continued movements may cause problems – even serious one – to your pet when travelling by car.

This does not mean that travelling by car is not safe… it, however, must be chosen for relatively short journeys.

Let’s make some examples:

  1. I must take my dog for grooming, can it travel with me in the car? Yes, of course!
  2. I would like to spend a weekend with my family at the national border, 3/4 hours by car, is it possible? … YES…
  3. I would like to move from Italy to a European country and would like to take my best friend with me, can I? Bliss Pets, in its capacity as expert in the sector of international transfers, advises this type of solution.

As the distance travelled increases, both the health and the safety of your pet may be compromised. Moreover, different animals may have different reactions as a consequence of the journey.

I refer to differences in the same species–> 2 different types of dogs, with different characters or races, have a major or minor tolerance with respect to a journey by car;

Or, differences among species –> In principle, a dog can “bear” more a car journey than a cat, who can accumulate quite an amount of stress already during the first part of the journey.

My Pet’s journey abroad – By car or by plane?

Going back to the initial question, what kind of journey may be better adapted to your Pet?

Our advice is to choose always international shipments of animals by plane, through Special Cargo, for your Pet’s journey to another country. This type of journey, as already mentioned above, has been studied to guarantee the maximum comfort and safety during the entire trip.

Besides, there are trips in which not only is the plane preferred to a car but it is rather necessary (if not mandatory).  We refer to intercontinental air journeys as, for example, Australia, Asia or America.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for the organization of the shipment of your pet and also to know if we serve the destination of your journey!

Ask for a free quote on our page! Bye for now 🙂

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