Here are some advices to help your pet better adjust to the new home

Many people think that their four-legged friend’s air journey is the highest peak stress level on the path towards its new home abroad. What if I told that it is not so? Indeed, many kinds of research point out the absolute safety of the animals’ journey combined with the very low

Many people think that their four-legged friend’s air journey is the highest peak stress level on the path towards its new home abroad.

What if I told that it is not so?

Indeed, many kinds of research point out the absolute safety of the animals’ journey combined with the very low level of stress suffered by them.

Do you want to know why? Because everything has been studied so as to guarantee your pet a journey that is absolutely safe and comfortable … a VIP journey!

By choosing the right reality of international shipment of animals we assure you that you will not have any problems!

We are not concerned with how other companies operate, but we can tell you that those customers that have chosen and choose Bliss Pet Services have been and are quite impressed by the care and attention dedicated to each phase of your furry friend’s trip!

Therefore, if the air journey is not the primary stress factor related to your pet’s transfer in a new country, what is it, then???

The answer is… adjusting to the new home!!!

If it is true that changing country, environment and home involves a great stress factor for people – if not handled properly – why shouldn’t it be so also for our pets?

They also have their habits, ties, and emotions which are connected to the context where they have lived until that moment.

This is why we decided to make an article aimed at giving you some advice to help your little friend adjust to its new home:)

We will give you hints useful mainly for cats and dogs, the Pets “par excellence”, however you can apply them perfectly also to other pets! Good reading…


Your pet is eager to know and discover the new home environments, especially if they are larger in size (and maybe even with a garden) compared to the former home. In order to make your pet adjust more easily, here are some practical advices.

Spending some time together with your dog in the new house

Cane socializza nel parcoIt is fundamental to spend some time together with our pet in the new home so that it gets used to the new smells of this new environment and feels safe in the place it will be living in, as for example playing with your pet in the garden etc. The use of the ludic component will stimulate it to associate playing and fun time with the environments of its daily life!

Dedicate your pet more time than usual for at least 2 weeks

During this period of adjustment, it is advisable to spend some extra days (at least 2 weeks) with your pet before returning to work, as getting used to the new environment takes time.

Identify some areas that may become your pet’s “resting place”

The ideal thing would be to spy your dog so as to understand where your pet spends most of his day.  Where does it rest more easily? Where does it feel safer? As soon as you have all these answers, you will know where to settle your dog’s resting place.  It may be particularly efficacious to make use of the kennel used for its journey – if the size is appropriate – as its bed. At least for the first few weeks this may represent a familiar and safe area for its resting time.

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Make your pet get familiar with the outdoor environment

This is a very important aspect. Dogs must get familiar with the outdoor environment, with the neighborhood and with the neighbors (especially if there are other furry friends living there). See if there are areas  or parks dedicated to dogs so that it can meet and play with other dogs. This will certainly help it adjust more easily to the new environment.

Now is the time your pet needs you mostly

Just like people, pets’ personalities also play an important role when facing changes. Some pets face this situation more easily while others have some difficulties. It is important to let your pet know that it is not alone and that you are going to experience together this new adventure. Our advice is to spend as much time as possible with your furry friend in the new home; give it a reward each time it does something to deserve it, so as to transmit it positive reinforcement.


It is not so easy to get your cat to become familiar with your new home, since cats are more attached to their territory.
Just like dogs, different cats have different personalities. Usually, more docile cats only need to explore the new environment in order to make themselves comfortable, while the more anxious ones have a tendency to move in a more compulsive manner from one room to another and hide at each noise. But don’t worry, here are some simple advices you may apply to your feline:)

Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles

The best way to reduce the stress deriving from the fact that it is no longer possible to live in the old home, consists in cuddling your cat and giving it your attention. This is a way of communicating to your cat that it needn’t worry because it is safe.

Make your cat explore the new environmentGatto rilassato nella sua nuova casa

Let your cat be free to explore the new environment so that it may get confident with it and familiarize with its “new” territory.

Spend some time with your cat and play with it

Spending time with you means a lot to your cat; play with it and give it some rewards, as a positive reinforcement, for actions that should be propelled.

Our advice is to make your cat play with the boxes used for the removal or provide it with a scratcher or other toys (better if they are from the old house), so that it may amuse itself with things that are already familiar to it!


We have reached the end of this article!

At this point you are certainly ready to support your furry friend in such a delicate moment as the one involving the change of home.  I recommend that you apply all the advices I gave you in the article and…surely you will not have any problems!

If you are thinking about an ideal partner for the transfer of your pet, someone who knows how to support you, organize the entire transfer with regard to all the paperwork, etc. choose the best…

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