International animal shipments overseas

The international transport of animals overseas is a delicate operation, requiring a constant planning and the coordination of various practical, technical and bureaucratic aspects, related mainly to the state of mind.

The main concern of whoever has to move to the other side of the world, and does not want to renounce to his four-legged friend, is represented by the journey which, in the case of distant destinations, is many hours of flight away. Can you picture yourself in this situation?

The thought that your own pet – whether a dog, cat or any other species – has to spend so much time in the airplane cargo hold without being able to see its master, is a source of stress and agitation.

Not to mention the mysterious legends which we sometimes read on the internet!

Wipe that from your mind! Before taking anything into consideration, consult the specialists.

BLISS Pets offers specific services for the transportation of animals throughout the world, focused on the well-being and comfort of the “passenger”.

Did you read it carefully: We are not just common freight forwarders. We don’t deal with General Cargo, Shipping or other similar activities. Shipping pets is our expertise and we have been doing it successfully for more than 6 years.

Besides being motivated by a great love for animals, Bliss Pet Services’ personnel take great care in carrying out the preliminary aspects, in managing and checking the different phases of the journey, so as to guarantee all our animal friends assistance and comfort, before, during and after the transfer takes place.


Not only does our personnel love animals, but they are also professionals and specialists and know very well how to deal with:

  • Animals in need of security and calm;
  • Owners of animals who are very often worried and overwhelmed by a long journey over which they think they have no control.

The international overseas transport of animals usually concerns destinations such as America and AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates, 3 continents which have very strict and specific laws on the introduction of some animal species within their territories.

> Shipping pets abroad: what you should do? <

Are you thinking of moving abroad and would like to take your furry friend with you? Do you need a pet shipping service through intercontinental flights.

You must certainly know that shipping pets to the United States, Canada, Australia and  to other overseas countries is a very complicated process, if you have to deal with it alone.

You surely have heard about all the vaccinations required, the long amount of time needed for the preparation of the many documents requested by the various governments and, most of all, the long-term quarantine for some destinations.

BLISS Pets drives away all your stress and gives you 100% guarantees!
We will tell you what to do, how and when to do it!

Choose Bliss Pet Services 

If you choose our services, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated personal consultant (Pet Travel Specialist), who will follow the entire shipping procedure, door to door;
  • Bliss Pet Smart Planning, to help you know in detail all the documents required, and the veterinary requirements for the destination country;
  • BLISS World Gateway: our web portal for pay with credit card and read all the info about your pet shipping;
  • Bliss Pet Protection Plan: an exclusive protection pack for your pets.

Bliss Pets collaborates its own specialized local agent, who has been carefully selected in accordance with the criteria of the Quality System Certification ISO9001:2015.

During the last year we have shipped more than 2905 pets. Our client’s satisfaction is 98%.

Thanks to BLISS Pet Services, your next destination has never been so close for your beloved animal friend.

> What our customers say <

My name is Rosie I am Jacks mum. Jack has settled into the Australian lifestyle and enjoys going to the beach, long runs at the local park and playing with his new canine friends. His flight to Australia was a little scary at first but he calmed down with the help of the professional staff. Since becoming a permanent Australian resident Jack has also found the love of his life, her name is Nina. They started a family last year, Jack and Nina had six beautiful border collie pups who are all doing well. Thank you Annamaria for making this fairytale possible. Jack would like to say “Thanks mate!”

Francesco Spagnolo & Rosie


I am thankful to Bliss Pets for helping me bringing my cats from Portugal to the USA.
Because I could not leave the country to go get my cats, I wanted to hire a company and I was confident that would treat my cats with respect and attention. I hired Bliss Pets because they seemed a company that cared for the well being of animals during the course of the journey.
I could follow their journey, and when they did the layover there was someone from the company to give me news of their condition.
They took longer at customs to be released because for some reason Customs couldn´t find some of the documents. I trusted Bliss Pet to resolve the situation because I knew that everything was in order. When they were released I meet them, and they were fine and missing us.
The next day it was as if nothing had happened, they were happy healthy cats.
Triniti & Leha

What are you waiting for? Give a first-class travel experience to your best friend… You can rely on us!

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