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Bliss Pet Service is a company specialized in International Transportation of pets.

Bliss aims at offering a service strongly oriented towards the animals’ needs: dedication and care  distinguishing our work as well as our love and respect for them, together with professionalism and competence.

Our philosophy led us to start this organization in 2011 and it enabled us to achieve extraordinary results and an incredible fast growth in a very short period of time. We have become the reference point in Italy in this sector: we have partners, accurately selected, all over the world. We are a member of the International Association IPATA and our company is the only one in this industry having a quality management system ISO 9001:2015. 

Our staff members are highly specialized and have obtained the IATA LAR (Live animals Regulations) certification. The owner and CEO of Bliss Pet Services, Francesco Argirò, is currently serving as active member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).

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First-class travel experience for your Pet everywhere in the Word! 

Do you have to ship your pet from one of the main European capitals? Bliss Pets can assist you!

Bliss Pet Services is present in Europe serving the following countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Luxembourg, with operational offices that will be able to assist you with the shipment of your pet worldwide.

We offer a service that is strongly focused on the needs of our furry friends.  By firmly complying with the pet’s transfer procedures, we can guarantee a service for the transfer of your furry friend as a VIP (Very Important Pet).

> We work by the following method <

Protection: compliance with strict procedures and thorough and detailed checks enable us to offer safe journeys. We have also created exclusive services for the full protection of your Pet throughout his/her entire transfer.

Empathy: before being professionals, we are daddies and mommies, just like you! 

Safeguard: we support animal protection associations. Their respet and safeguard mean everything to us!

Stress-free: the only thing you have to think about is the moment you will re-embrace your furry friend. Leave the rest to us!

Safety: we check each and every aspect related to the transfer of your pet. Our objective is not only to make your furry friend travel in the best possibile way but also to make him/her travel as a VIP (Very Important Pet!).

We are members of the most important association dedicated to the transfer of Pets Worldwide!

International Pet and Animal Trasportation Association

IPATA is an international association composed of professionals in the relocation of domestic animals in the world. The association has 350 members in 70 countries. The IPATA agents are the most qualified specialists in the world to ensure maximum safety due to our animal friends.

We support Animal Welfare Associations

We make donations aimed at the protection of animal species.

Among the various projects we took part in:

  • Tartalove: adoption project for the protection of sea turtles, increasingly threatened with extinction
  • Liberi di galoppare: protection against cruelty related to horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules.

Bliss Pets is a part of the Bliss Corporation group.

The group specialized in the transfer of families and corporate personnel worldwide !


BLISS Moving & Logistics is a company specialized in Removals, National and International Transportations and Shipments, Third Party Storage, Storing of documents and Integrated Logistics services.

Bliss Pet Services deals with the international transfer of pets, with 7 offices throughout Europe and a capillary presence in the main international airports.

Bliss Relocation offers a wide range of services dedicated to the relocation and immigration of families and companies throughout Italy and the world.

What Our Customer Say

2016 brought about a lot of unexpected changes for me. While living in Italy, I never imagined in my entire life that I would move back to California, or that it would be possible to bring my dog with me. However, when it became necessary to make the move, I had to push all my fear of putting Eta on a plane aside and find the best, most safe and stress-free way to get her to California with me – leaving her was not an option! I found some companies that offered similar services to BLISS, but they stood out to me due to their clear in-depth experience and immediate friendliness when I got in touch.
I had to move my entire life across the world, and BLISS truly saved me by handling all of the complicated, time-consuming aspects of relocating a pet, including ensuring I had all of my necessary paperwork, arranging flights, and building a custom crate for my very large dog. The entire process was so smooth from start to finish, I still can’t believe that it happened. Eta arrived in San Francisco with a smile on her face, and immediately adjusted to her new home. I am certain that without the help of BLISS in ensuring I could stay so calm, my wonderful dog would not have felt so at ease.
Eta will always be a Roman dog at heart, but she really seems to be loving San Francisco! Thank you Bliss, especially Federica, for making the process of moving the most important thing in my life across the world so easy!
I am in awe at home quickly Eta has adjusted – I think she is doing better than me at leaving Rome 🙂
Eta from Rome to San Francisco<br />

Having moved to Monte Compatri for work, I was soon joined by Nemi, who was living outside. My work placement was extended from six weeks to about eight months, after which time we were inseparable. Having explored all of the options, I was very pleased to find that Bliss Pet Services could organize her flight to England and also a taxi to take her home. The process was so efficient that Nemi was exploring her new surroundings before I’d even got through customs at Stansted airport!

Nemi from Rome to London - Ben George<br />

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