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Are you thinking of moving to another country and want to bring your pet with you, but don't know how? You can rely on us!

Here is the solution for you!

Bliss Pet Services, the overseas pet relocation specialist! We ship animals all over the world. We are professionals in this field, that is why we are good at it, just as you deserve.

Glad to make your acquaintance. Let us introduce ourselves:

Bliss Pet Services started operating in 2010. Initially as branch office of our associate company, dedicated to International Moving Business (Bliss Moving & Logistics) and, later on, in 2011, as an independent company.

All our personnel are multilingual and have a solid experience in moving families worldwide. Our deep love for our four-legged friends and the various moving situations experienced together with our clients, many of whom owned pets, convinced us to establish a separate company to deal exclusively with shipping services dedicated to our small friends, aimed at reuniting the family as rapidly as possible and making sure that the animals have a safe, comfortable trip at the best conditions available on the market.

Only after a few years of activity, our company has been identified in Italy as the undisputed Specialist for the shipment of pets and as a reference point for all the people who have to move around the world along with their faithful friend.

In 2014, Bliss Pets started operating also outside Italy, serving Frankfurt (Germany), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain). Later on, we expanded in Lisbon (Portugal) and, in 2016, we started serving Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland).

Bliss Pet Services has been established knowing well that shipping animals abroad does not only imply their physical transfer to another place, but it also implies hard work and focusing on many different aspects which are indispensable to ensure them high level standards of comfort and safety during the move.

We carry out all the procedures for shipping animals abroad: from the preliminary study of the route, the related costs, all customs clearance and bureaucratic formalities, the issuing and control of all the paperwork, to the final destination, including hospitality in the destination country. During the whole shipping procedure, our staff will keep you constantly up-dated.

All our attention will be focused on your pet so that during the trip it may feel comfortable and the least stress possible deriving not only from the changes it is experiencing but also following the temporary separation from its family, which is already itself a very traumatic phase.

Our furry friends must travel fully at ease, safe and should not suffer! We know that this is the only result that really matters and meets fully your expectations. Isn't that correct?

Choose Bliss Pets for the shipment of your pet. Choose the specialists for the transport of your furry friend.

What are you waiting for? Give your best friend a first-class travel experience...
You can rely on us!

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International shipping of animals: certifications and associations.

Bliss Pet Services is an active member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), the worldwide association of animal transportation.

All our staff members participate actively in all the formation and information events of this important Association and, in particular, Mr. Francesco Argirò, founder and president of BLISS Pet Services, holds executive positions within the organization itself (President-elect).


 Our expertise and reliability, not to mention the excellent quality levels of the services, are supported by international certifications such as IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations), obtained by our staff members as a result of specialized courses held directly by IATA , qualification exams and ISO 9001:2008 certification, obtained for the Quality Management System.

Bliss Pets is the only company in Italy to have such a management system certificate ISO9001:2008 for the shipments of animals throughout the world.

For the management of the overseas services, we have at our disposal a Network of International Partners and agents who are carefully selected and qualified among the IPATA members and  constantly monitored and subject to continuous training and qualification.


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